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Can Antonio Banderas Make Even Jeb Bush Sexy?

ABIt goes without saying that movie heartthrob Antonio Banderas is one of the sexiest men alive. Just think of his sizzling performances in all of those vintage Almodovar films and how he made Madonna swoon in Truth or Dare. But the real test of a man’s charisma is whether he can make one of the most unpleasant men on the political landscape sound sexy. While guesting on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, the actor was challenged by his host to read a list of humdrum things with that distinctive Spanish accent. Banderas puts on his reading glasses (also sexy), reads about tilapia and pleated khakis and breaks into the most adorable giggle we’ve heard since Anderson Cooper. Then comes the real challenge: Can he say the name of a certain Republican presidential hopeful without making us want to puke?

Can he really do it, folks? Find out below.