It happened on August 22 at 8:00pm, just as we were hunkering down for our supper. As is their wont, Adult Swim posted a beguiling video clip to their Facebook page without comment or context, leaving us only with questions. And queasiness.

The content packed within this vid stokes up an impressive amount of drama and attitude during its runtime, which clocks in at just over a minute. The action revolves around “bub bubs,” see, and how exactly one goes about making them bounce. As some groovy humanoids chill out on some sort of astral island surrounded by a sea of lava, our lady protagonist is simply just not having it — but it’s not entirely clear just what she’s not having.

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We’re pretty sure most of the men trapped on this island just don’t have the chops to make her “bub bubs” bounce sufficiently in her estimation, and for that, they must now pay the ultimate price.

This begs the question: What does it take to make “bub bubs” bounce? What it is about these fine mens’ valiant attempts that left our fine lady so patently unsatisfied? Why did all these nice dancing men have to die, and die so brutally?

We await your theories, scruples, insights, and skeleton keys. Please tell us what it’s all about, and sound off in the comments below.


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