Cardinal’s “Gays Don’t Go to Heaven” Comment Too Homophobic Even for the Vatican


We felt sooo slighted when Mexican Cardinal Javier Barragan, a retired Vatican official, made the grand pronouncement that gay and transgender human beings won’t be let into heaven. As if this guy holds the keys, or even has a cousin who has a friend who’s sister’s father knows the password. Barragan’s comments. That conclusion was paired with Barragan giving a lesson in biology: “One is not born homosexual but they become that way. This is for various reasons: education, for not having developed their identity during their adolescence, maybe they are not guilty but by going against the dignity of the body they certainly will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven.” What’s most amusing — and, frankly, surprising — is that Barragan went too far EVEN FOR THE VATICAN. The Holy See’s spokesman Father Federico Lombardi discounted Barragan’s statement, and noted in an email, “It would be better, for example, to refer to the Catechism of the Catholic Church, which does talk about homosexual acts as ‘disordered,’ but takes into account the fact that ‘the number of men and women who have deep-seated homosexual tendencies is not negligible. … [Gays] must be welcomed with respect and sensitivity, and ‘every sign of unjust discrimination in their regard should be avoided.’”

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  • terrwill

    How bout all the Padre’s who diddled the little boys??
    Where are they going, disgusting hyprotical bastard…
    Perfect candidate for a totally dehabilitaing complete
    paralyzing stroke……….

  • Jerry Priori

    The catholic church is very strong proof that god does not exist.

  • Cam

    Why are they shocked by this? You can’t dehumanize a group of people and then be surprised that people think this way. Additionally, I wasn’t aware that people were BORN Catholic, so by their skewed logic religions should’t be protected either.

  • JR

    Fuck a pussy and get to ‘heaven’? I’d rather not… How did fucking a beaver get to determine if a person gets there or not… not to mention that it is a fictitious place n all. This ‘church’ is all a numbers game… based around increasing their numbers by forcing people to be blindly obedient and procreate prodigiously in order to keep their count high. I just don’t like any religion in general & think it’s fucked up for morons like the toothless degenerate in the story to rant about things they don’t know about. He is probably hoping some hot young stud mistakes his gaping mouth for a pussy & fucks it. That would probably be ‘heaven’ for him…

  • AndrewW

    Catholics must be so proud.

  • Solis

    That’s funny ‘cuz when I was in London, I saw a ton of gays at Heaven. Do you suppose they all sneak in? And I could have sworn I met a Catholic priest or two while there.

  • romeo

    I’ve been told that Catholic priests on their nights off tend to go to leather bars rather than dance clubs.

  • Bill

    Say what you want about the evil Catholics. However, no other religion is as adept at getting people to come to church weekly to pay their ‘stupid tax’ via the collection plate so that these draq-queen bishops can continue building their Roman city of solid gold.

    If these are the caliber of people who I would encounter in Heaven, I’ll gladly spend eternity burning in hell rather than spending it with these fools.

    Fortunately for us, heaven and hell are about as real as the good intentions of these evil, greedy ‘men.’

  • ChrisM

    That hurts. What are they going to tell us next, that gays don’t get to ride the unicorns on Magic Lollipop Island?

  • B

    In. 2 · Jerry Priori wrote, “The catholic church is very strong proof that god does not exist.”

    Not really – it is proof that, if God does exist, He has a sense of humor that only affectionados of Monte Python films could appreciate!

    They’ll come around eventually. If the length of time it took them to exonerate Galileo after their mistake became obvious to everyone else is any indication, figure on 4 to 5 hundred years from now.

  • Jerry Priori

    @No. 11 · B:

    Jeez, I wasn’t expecting the Spanish Inquisition.

  • B

    No. 12 · Jerry Priori wrote, “@No. 11 · B: Jeez, I wasn’t expecting the Spanish Inquisition.” … bet they’d bring that back too if they could get away with it. If it wasn’t for a name change (after it got such a bad rep) for the office Ratzinger held before he became the pope, his title would have been “Grand Inquisitor.”

  • Gerard Priori

    @No. 13 · B:

    You’re right, of course. The Inquisition never went away, it just had a name change. You’re right, too, that Ratzinger was the head of it. “Inquisition”…”Defender of the Faith”… Some call it “crap,” some call it “doody,” but it all smells like “shit.”

  • Charles Merrill

    Padre darling. There is no hereafter, hell or heaven. When we die it will be the same unconscious state as before we were born. Nothing.

  • schlukitz

    @ no. 6 – 1EqualityUSA

    Mr. S in San Francisco, has a much better selection to choose from in both black leather and latex.

    And many incorporate penis gags, as well.

    That would shut the Cardinal up but good! ;)

  • schlukitz

    @ no. 13 – B

    Even the title of Grand Fubar of SNAFU would be giving Ratzass more credit than he is due. :)

  • hubert

    honey, look at your surname and check your history and family tree. I DID!!! THERE ARE INDEED A WHOLE BUNCH OF “HOMO’S” IN YOUR FAMILY, LIKE THEY SAY, CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME RIGHT…

  • Tim O'Connell

    Thats a bit rich coming from a Church where Priests systematically sexually abused young children and were helped by cover ups by their bishops and cardinals. Even the Vatican turned a blind eye. Many young lives were wrecked, some even comitting suicide as they could not get justice for the crimes committed against them. In some instances, police, in a misguided sense of loyalty failed to deal with reports of abuse.
    If I had my way I would burn these men at the stake. They are evil hypocrites.

  • Rainfish


    Loving figment of your imagination
    or dangerous delusion?

    … you decide.

    Now discuss it amongst yourselves
    — without guns and knives.

    (c) E. Lewis Evans



    @ No. 15 · Charles Merrill
    “Padre darling. There is no hereafter, hell or heaven. When we die it will be the same unconscious state as before we were born. Nothing.”

  • osocubano

    That’s OK, I wouldn’t know anyone in Heaven anyway.

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