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Carrie Prejean’s Replacement Doesn’t Support Gay Marriage, Either


Carrie Prejean might’ve been a well-publicized opponent to same-sex marriage, but her Miss California replacement isn’t an ally, either. Runner-up-cum-title-holder Tami Farrell doesn’t want to see you gays getting married, but adds, “I don’t think I have the right or anybody has the right to tell somebody who they can or can’t love.” well bless her heart!

So much for the argument from Prejean (who just lost another contract) that she was ousted by Donald Trump because she’s against marriage equality.

But even if she stands with Prejean on marriage, it’s good to see Farrell (pictured here at Sunday’s Playboy Jazz Festival) hasn’t given up the Miss California title’s tradition of supporting women disrobing.

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  • emb

    Who the hell cares what these beauty pageant bimbos have to say about anything? They make their livings by parading around in swimsuits, touching up their roots, and showing off their surgically-enhanced boobs. Let’s please stop covering this nonsense.

  • Marius

    Her opinions aside, she should be fired for that thing she’s wearing.

  • Cam

    I say that no gays should participate in the pagents anymore. Sorry ladies….guess you’re going to have to get your make-up done at the Wal-Mart Beauty counter from now on.

  • myrios123

    @emb: I agree. I’ll start caring about pageants when they’re less like a live cattle auction.

  • AlwaysGay

    I’m Tami Farrell and I’m a heterosexual and I believe we should protect heterosexual privilege by passing heterosexual-only marriage amendments to our constitutions in every state.

  • Robert, NYC


    Are you for real or just joking?

  • monkey

    California is so conservative. I was just there for the first time and the thing about most of them is that they have this priviledged air about them, annoying accents, no substance, and because the environment is beautiful…I feel like they justify their fortune by becoming uber christians…I dunno…

    I just know I hate California

  • pie jesu

    of course you dont have that right…but I have the right to kick your ass!

  • Synnerman

    I don’t care. I was pissed at Tits for Jesus for joining NOM and being a general cunt.

  • Luis

    @monkey: What part of california were you in? It is a very large state. You are making ignorant generalizations about millions of people based on one trip to one area.

  • Chris

    What is she doing standing in front of that Playboy Bunny logo?

  • Rick

    I’m angrier at the gay men in the beauty/pageant industry that continue to work with and support these twats than the twats themselves.

  • Dave

    WHO CARES? At least she was repspectful with her point of view which she is entitled to.

  • monkey

    Generally the sky at night is dark. Even though there are a bright spots…My statement was not ignorant, just pointed, yet very truthful.

  • DuttyBarb

    Yes, because the opinions of a beauty bimbo matters to politics…hmmmmmmmmmmmm

    I wonder whether Perez will create his usual hoorah and insist a gay friendly Barbie reject receive the title

  • geoff

    Seriously,who gives half a shit about Miss U.S.A.,or Miss America,or Miss Whatever-The-Fuck anymore? When one of these piles of clothing actually does something worthwhile,let me know.

  • AlwaysGay

    @Robert, NYC: I’m serious.

  • schlukitz


    Are you and nuttybarb related by any chance?

  • schlukitz


    Oh, and if you are the real Tami Farrell, I wonder what kind of shit we will find rummaging around in your closet, hmmm?

    You hetero, bulging sweater, skin-flashing, Anita Bryant types just never seem to get it, do you? You step into the public spotlight spoiling for a fight and just aching for a bashing and then wonder why you got taken down?

    Hope you like the taste of creme pie.

  • schlukitz


    Throwing the term “heterosexual privilege” at us is respectful???

    By who’s definition?

  • osocubano

    I’ll respond tp this the same way I’ve been responding to everything on Queerty lately:


  • galefan2004

    My problem with Preejan had a lot more to do with her own stupidity than her view points. She answered the question posed to her like a dumb bitch. Seriously, she is the one that introduced to the term opposite marriage. All she honestly had to say is, “Because of personal religious views I feel that marriage should remain between a man and a woman.” If she would have left it at that it would have been acceptable as an answer considering she is entitled to her opinion. The only problem I have with these people is when they start thinking that their opinion should be the grounds for legislation. I respect their right to have their opinion.

  • rick

    it seems rather obvious from her photo that she didn’t get the free boobies. maybe that is only for the one who gets to go to the nationals.


    Of course I’m for “real”…real mad that everyone is calling me names. Just because I believe that marriage is between a man and a woman! I can do what I want …when I want. Now..stop abusing me!! Stop harassing me!!
    You’re acting just like Keith Lewis and Shanna Moekler…they always abuse me and treat me horribly.
    I wish I could just quit this pageant bullshit.

    Yes…it’s me Tami. Yes…it’s true…they do abuse me.

    Yes…It’s true I hate fags.


    Oh Geee….I needed your approval. Yea right.
    I believe the same as Carrie. These pageant freaks are idiots.
    Keith Lewis and his gay boyfriend Steve are freaks.

    I wish they would stop abusing me and harassing me. I DARE them to fire me now for dis-agreeing with them on the gay marriage issue.

    I was afraid of gays. I grew up with a fear of them. Now I have good reason to fear them…look what they did to Carrie??

    All she did was have the courage to get up on stage and tell the world that she didn’t agree with them…and look what happened?

    I’m afraid to do that. I’m a coward.

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