More than friends?

CBB *winner* Courtney Act reveals the truth behind housemate bromance

First came the flirtation, followed remarkably quickly by an awfully touchy-feely bath:

The bromantic escalation between Celebrity Big Brother UK contestants Shane Jenek (a.k.a. Courtney Act) and Andrew Brady only kept accelerating from there.

“If Courtney didn’t have a d*ck, I’d go to town on that,” Brady said. Right, that’s what straight guys usually say about their gay mates.

Then the two flashed their cakes–and more?–together:

Now Jenek, who came out as the triumphant and well-deserving winner of the season, is setting the record straight.

In an interview with Metro, the Drag Race runner-up said that while many fans have discussed the possibility of the two hooking up, it’s “really important to acknowledge that gay and straight men can be friends.”

“I think how me and Andrew convulse that clear message is that there’s a strange love triangle where he thinks Courtney’s hot and I think he’s hot, so it’s not like our attraction was removed from the equation. But we acknowledged that he’s not attracted to male-bodied people.”

He continued: “I’ve had straight friends, one who I was in love with for years, which wasn’t reciprocated, and that can very easily create a negative psychological impact where you’re reinforcing this idea that you’re unlovable because you’re giving love to somebody and it’s not being returned.”

“That can be really unhealthy,” Jenek said.

The CBBUK winner also said he’d  experienced some of those unhealthy dynamics in his 20’s, but eventually grew out of those patterns.

“I have the tools to understand what Andrew and my relationship is. Also, I’m validated because I don’t think my love for him is unrequited – we do love each other.”

Jenek is up for the 2018 Queerties Award for Badass of the Year, in part for the strong and vocal stance he took defending queer and gender issues on the show.

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