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  • Harbo

    Julie Chen has absolutely nothing going for her – she is neither smart nor orticulate. But she’s married to the president of CBS-TV so she’s untouchable. “The Talk” proves once again that carbon copies are never very good. ABC’s “The View,” which I find very hard to watch, has been on for more than ten years and is firmly entrenched. whether you like it or not.

  • christopher di spirito

    Julie Chen is Les Moonves geisha. He likes cross-dressing Asian boys with giant heads who are willing to give head to ancient men.

  • Daveny

    This show is still on?

  • Mark

    @christopher di spirito:

    Could you be more racist and sexist? No, I don’t it’s possible.

    It’s one thing to attack Chen for her talent and possible nepotism but it’s another to go after her with sexist and racist imagery.

    The kind of attack you used is similar to the homophobic invective that is used against LGBT people. Their queerness is subject to attack instead of just their alleged misdeeds.

  • christopher di spirito

    @Mark: Chen has “talent?” And as far as “possible nepotism,” are you fucking kidding me? FOFLMAO!

    How the fuck do you think Chen got her multiple gigs at CBS?

    Now run along and read your Andrea Dworkin books and celebrate being a male feminist.

  • Gregger

    Julie Chen would only move to LA if there was a gig for her. So Les had As the World Turns cancelled after 54 years to make room for this piece of crap they call the Talk, I call the Schlock. Attack him more than her please. He deserves it, he’s the head of CBS.

  • villager

    i agree- julie chen sucks. and they try too hard to be witty and edgy. i wanted this show to work but sadly i couldn’t make it through an entire episode.

  • KevinVancouver

    Orticulate? is that a pun on Oriental? hmmmm

  • KevinVancouver

    oh yeah and the show licks donkey balls…..

  • Jeffree

    Lousy show. Too bad they couldn’t create a decent alternative to the (other) unVIEWable one.

    Time for them to do an ExtremeMakeover, change things up. Listening to my mom & her coworkers at their dang hair salon is more interesting: they cover TV, politics, sports, clothes, cuisine, men, religiion, music and all that. I’d love podcast them someday!

    Hey, maybe, The Talk could….(GULP)… bring in a man’s perspective from time to time.

  • Billy

    Only gay men sitting around and having a “coffee talk” would work as a show. Both these “commentaries of insulation” are bad.

  • hephaestion

    I didn’t think the show was on yet. I’ve never seen it. When is it on? If it is on, it must be hidden on an obscure cable network at 3am on Sunday mornings.

  • divkid

    @Jeffree:”Hey, maybe, The Talk could….(GULP)… bring in a man’s perspective from time to time”.

    oh, you detect a lack of male perspective? maybe i’m confused in not detecting this lack — what, with the last 10,000 years of civilisation!!!

    never mind.

    now, i don’t *own* a bra but, i will presently purchase one, just so that i can burn it; and a moon cup (warning: don’t google unless you’re above a kinsey 5 ).

    i’m already expressing milk in sympathy: it’s the human kindness variety. wanna suck? oh, you already do.

    meant kindly.

  • divkid

    @Jeffree: that wasnt aimed at you as much as a couple of sexist pricks up-thread.

    i’d listen to your moms show. but then i might wanna go out and hurt people. wanna take that chance? :)

  • Jeffree

    @DivKid: LOL, I understand! You always make me laugh. That’s a gift of yours.

    Where Ma works, the talk flows fast: there are no censors, no commercial breaks and no clean air to keep them from getting half-high from the fumes of permanent/ dye/ straightening/ manicure lotiony potions.

    It’s better than most chat shows. Plus the eyebrow trims are awesome…. ;-)

    p.s. Enjoy the bra. Remember to store it in the freezer for hygenic reasons—and extra lift!

  • Steven

    The reason the show was renewed is because it is making a PROFIT for CBS. Show business, people. ATWT was losing money for CBS.

  • JP

    I think it’s a fairly fun alternative to The View. I like both shows for what they are, but The Talk takes a slightly less serious tone.

  • Student

    wtf does this story have to do with LGBT issues, other than a circle jerk of white people making racist comments in the comment section?

  • Jeffree

    @Student: Sara Gilbert is lesbian. And a new-ish mom. The few times I’ve seen the show, she uses “we” a lot talking about her life with her partner, but I don’t believe they spend much more time on LGB or T issues than, say, Oprah.

    @Steven: good point! Plus, talk shows cost way less to produce than soaps: only one stage/set, fewer “cast” members and writers, reruns are OK,
    and viewers may skew younger (am not sure about that part).

  • Marcus M.


    Sarah refers to her partner by name all the time.

    And Oprah has never been gayer this season. Today is about Fran Drescher and her ex-husband, Tuesday was all about gay issues and she’s had shows with Ricky Martin, Portia de Rossi and men coming forward after living on the DL. Gay visibility has never been higher on Oprah than this year.

  • Ash

    @Jeffree: What do you expect? The show is in it’s first season. Of course she’s not going to go all gay right away in fear of alienating viewers right off the bat. Do you honestly think any other talk shows…like say, Ellen or Oprah… were any different at the beginning or their shows?

    And Sara’s gotten more and more comfortable as the episodes have gone on. She mentions “Ali” frequently and chirps in with the other hosts when talking about their spouses, using female pronouns and all. AND on yesterday’s episode, to celebrate Sara’s birthday, at the end of the episode they brought on her girlfriend and kids. When surprising her with her family they even used the word “girlfriend”

    Geez…you people complain that there aren’t enough gay people on TV or no good representations and then there is one in Sara and you people complain about her and her show. Give me a break.

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