California-Born, Brooklyn-Based Designer Invites Us In

Chad McPhail Lives With His Boyfriend And Dog

Welcome to The Home Issue, reader!

We’re going to be spending the next few weeks nestling in for the cold winter months. In addition to busting up inside some local abodes, we’ll be spending some time looking at design, art, games, books and ideas to keep you occupied until things start heating up.

Brooklyn-based interior designer Chad McPhail starts things off on a hospitable note: he and his boyfriend, Grizzly Bear guitarist Ed Droste, opened their door to our vagabond editor and photographer. See what transpired, after the jump.

Andrew Belonsky: What is home to you?

Chad McPhail: Um, I guess it’s the place that you – especially in city like New York – where you escape to, like a lot of people in New York have houses that look like other places: that look like Greece, that look like New England, that look like whatever, because people are in New York all day long and their house is their place to –

AB: It’s security? What style were going for when you moved in here. What’s your security?

CM: Well, Ed’s from New England. His family has been there forever, so he sort of brought that, I guess. I’m from California and went to design school, so I’m big on Mid-Century stuff and Southwestern, Southern California. It’s a combination..

AB: Iconic American aesthetics?

CM: I’m a big believer in context. To me it would be weird to design this house in French or something like that. It’s where you are: you should keep the context.