bop after bop

Cher makes the yuletide gay, Omar is living, BabiBoi drops a banger: Your weekly bop roundup

If you’re looking for a little something extra to get you through this weekend, just in case our hot sheet wasn’t enough, look no further than this week’s roundup of new music from your favorite queer artists. This week’s new drops are a little introspective, somewhat somber, a bundle of bangers, and even a handful of holiday cheer. I mean, what more can you ask for?!

Okay, I’ll cut it with the alliteration and have you see for yourself. Check over this week’s edition of “bop after bop” below..

“Live For Me” by Omar Apollo

Omar returns with another tug at our heartstrings with “Live For Me”, a soulful ballad that gradually transforms into a tender slow jam by the time the track comes to a close. This approach lends itself to the song’s cathartic meaning, as his previous release, “Ice Slippin”, detailed his coming-out journey, we now hear Apollo extend his support to those who have gone through similar situations, having transitioned from processing things in solitude in “Ice Slippin” to now offering a message of solidarity. Not only is the track a vocal showcase for Omar but it is also paired with a gorgeous video directed by Bandiz and David Heofs. The title track of his new EP, which made waves on Gay Twitter™ for its revealing back cover, is a release that proves Apollo is a pivotal queer artist who not only is here to stay but still has a lot to show.

“DJ Play a Christmas Song” by Cher

Move over, Mariah, there’s a new queen of Christmas in town. Cher can literally do it all, and just as we are starting to enjoy the peak of fall, the goddess of pop drops “DJ Play A Christmas Song” and sends us into a festive frenzy. Yes, a Christmas jingle turned club-ready bop sounds like a camp catastrophe, but this is Cher we’re talking about, and damn does she make it work. Paired with her iconic vocals and a pulsating beat, it’s just a taste of Cher’s upcoming holiday album Christmas. We’re so glad she finally answered our prayers, and we’re ready for her to make the Yuletide GAY.

“Drums” by James Hype (feat. Kim Petras)

Kim is on a roll with releases lately, following her debut album Feed The Beast this year and her recent surprise drop Problématique, she’s giving us all she wants with her new feature on James Hype’s “Drums”. The track is a hypnotic dance record with an ominous thumping beat-drop that perfectly matches Petras’ spooky side we’ve come to love from her TURN OFF THE LIGHT albums. Interestingly, the track is a reimagining of Justin Timberlake’s classic hit, “Like I Love You”, and features Timberlake’s original vocals throughout the track. With such a dynamic blend of Petras’ vocal cadence and Hype’s infectious beats, we’re sure we’ll be hearing this at the clubs soon enough.

“Be Free” by BabiBoi

Queer rapper, ballroom baddie, and now pop star? Enter BabiBoi, your new obsession who’s making her play into the queer music scene with their upcoming mixtape. The Texas native has had a string of sickening releases showcasing their skill as a rapper with songs like “BTS” and “Boyz 2 Men”, and now they are proving their versatility with their first vocal pop track “Be Free”. Produced by Boy Sim, it’s an electrifying, sensual dancefloor banger that proves BabiBoi can do it all, and if your eyes weren’t on this fierce artist before, now’s the time to tune in.

“beautiful day” by Wrabel

If anyone knows how to craft a beautiful, heart-wrenching ballad, it’s Wrabel. The pop powerhouse has had a busy year with the release of his EP’s chapter of me and chapter of you, and now he returns with yet another powerful piece of songwriting with “beautiful day”. It’s a somber song that soars to new heights with stunning strings and lyricism that cuts like a knife. With the lyrics “Do you ever feel like the daylight is too bright / Like it doesn’t quite match how you feel inside?”, it’s crafted for some good old introspective fall yearning, and we know we can always count on Wrabel for these types of thoughtful tunes.

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