Chet Cannon’s Passive Aggressive Advice On Getting The Guys

Remember completely heterosexual Mormon Chet Cannon, from Real World: Brooklyn? Now that cameras haven’t been following the self-professed “gay man’s wet dream” around for a few years, he’s been taking to YouTube to solidfy his pop culture irrelevance. Funny how all his videos carry gay themes, like the new one above, where he offers tips for gay guys and straight girls on how to snag that elusive lad.

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  • Zeus

    I hope he’s not being serious because yes, all of these suggestions are very passive aggressive, and also desperate sounding.

  • Thomas Marx

    I found it lame. Cute idea, making fun of those people who text 600 messages in an hour, but it felt like a rough draft, not a finished product. The bit with the ice cube on the Fourth of July felt especially forced.

  • Thomas Marx

    Oh, and it did annoy me a little that twice he referred to gay boys but not to straight girls. If you’re going to acknowledge that some boys like other boys, why not also recognize that some girls don’t like boys?

  • divkid

    ummm. he’s got *something”. timing is good. but a little nervy: too much head movement. distracting: communicates subtle doubt in his ability not to embarrass himself or you. needs to be economical with his gestures; and really command the space.

    agree about the ice cube thing. fail. but no disaster.

    not comedy gold. but over all not at all bad.
    haha. hark at me, as if I know shit. lol.

  • Patrick

    The ick factor is off the charts with this douche bag. He has zero sex appeal, no just make that any kind of appeal.

  • Shannon

    @Thomas Marx: This comment is lame. It feels like a rough draft.

  • Thomas Marx

    @Shannon: yes, it does.

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