Christian Chavez Guilty Of Drag Photo But Not Fighting With Boyfriend

-and-christian-1Christian Chavez might need some heavy foundation to cover the cuts and bruises he received during a skirmish with his boyfriend who tweeted a photo of the out Mexican pop star in women’s clothing but at least he’s off the hook with domestic violence charges.

But wait, drag photo? TMZ also learned that the reason for the (pun alert) knock down-drag out was that Kruger allegedly tweeted a pic of Chavez all dolled up like a lady. Chavez, in a fit of machismo, felt the photo was potentially damaging to his career (before you ask, he was a heartthrob in the pop band RBD and remains a huge star in Latin America).

Kruger is said to have become furious after he awakened to find Chavez videotaping him while he’d been sleeping and fisticuffs, broken cell phones and shattered egos ensued.

Both men were arrested, but as TMZ reports unless the investigating cops uncover more evidence, the L.A. County D.A. won’t prosecute either Chavez or (presumably former) boyfriend Ben Kruger. Both men claim the other was the aggressor, so therefore the case can’t be proved beyond a reasonable doubt against either.

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  • Eric Auerbach

    RBD wasn’t a boy band, it was 3 guys and 3 girls.

  • AriMexiJW82

    Fit of machismo? Really just b/c he happens to be Mexican we have to add the machismo thing? But aside from that this one is always getting himself in trouble. Didn’t he have a run in with Canadian authorities a while back? He should have owned up to the drag pics who knows maybe he would have gotten on Alomodovar’s radar. (It could have been a game changer but noooo you had to over react and now you will sit next to Chris Brown in the hall of shameful tools). Oh and by the way RBD sucked, it sucked as a teenage band and as a novela, it ruined my high school and early undergraduate years.. And he is not a musician not by a long shot..

  • tardis


    Although it’s outlandish to assume his ethnicity played a role in his domestic violence case, Mexico, unfortunately is severely plagued by adherence to cultural and gender roles, even for gay men. So, with that in mind, it’s not out of the question to assume his cultural background had some influence in his decision making abilities, but of course, there were probably other factors. Both are fueled by testosterone, so figures. Mexico is very stringent to homosexuality.

  • steven69

    Probably it’s not a ethnical thing, which plays a role in this case. More likely, I guess, it’s their own gay narcism which they can’t fight at this age or not aware of it. Very typical situation for gay relationships. But, very clear there was a little more at the beginning, when you look at the photos a year ago.
    Hope that they remember this, and both are willing to talk. If they don’t see that, they will remember this relationship very clear in later years. They had a good chance and a good basis, but narcism, especially present in actor’s minds, might cause some trouble.

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