Trans Journo Gets Feisty

Christine Daniels Thinks ENDA Split Foul

Everyone and their fairy godmother’s got an opinion on the ENDA/GENDA political showdown, not least of all our trans allies.

Los Angeles TimesChristine Daniels, the all-star sportswriter once called Mike Prenner, spilled some ink against Nancy Pelosi and Barney Frank’s political foul. Using a sports analogy, Daniels writes:

The basketball expression for it is “low-bridge.” It is the dirtiest foul in the sport, the act of suddenly taking out a player’s legs as he or she leaps for a rebound, pass or jump shot. It’s a cheap and devious move, in that it may look spontaneous but is almost always premeditated — and almost always a prelude to a fight.

That’s what happened to the transgender community on Sept. 26. We were low-bridged. By — of all people — Massachusetts Rep. Barney Frank and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Did Daniels get claws implanted, as well?