11209613_10152955072788512_1755606412775567629_nSay hello to Jack McCaffrey (pictured). This adorable blonde-haired, blue-eyed babe was born last October and truly is a bundle of joy, according to his parents.

But leaders at the Cathedral Church of St. Luke in Orlando, FL. wanted to deny him entry into the eternal kingdom of Heaven because… he has two dads.

That’s right, when Rich and Eric McCaffrey went to have their newborn son baptized, Dean Anthony Clark and Bishop Greg Brewer essentially said “Nope. Sorry. Maybe some other time. We’ll let you know.”

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The baptism was schedule to take place on Sunday, April 19. Everything seemed all right until that Thursday, when Clark called the dads to let them know the holy ceremony could not proceed as planned.

“The Dean shared there were members of the congregation who opposed Jack’s baptism and although he hoped to resolve the conflict, he was not yet able to,” Rich McCaffrey wrote in a Facebook post. “After probing further the Dean said ‘the issue is with you and Eric being the first two men who will baptize their child at the Cathedral.'”

“Three days before our son was to be baptized,” McCaffrey continued, “he was turned away. At that moment, he was unwelcomed by the church, and denied his rite to be recognized as a Christian. I was speechless, angry, and heartbroken.”

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After McCaffrey’s post went viral, church officials had a change of heart.

Brewer released a statement saying that, actually, on second thought, the Cathedral Church of St. Luke would be happy to perform Jack’s baptism.

Rich and Eric McCaffrey, being true Christians, said they are willing to forgive church officials for the pain they caused and plan to have Jack baptized there this summer.

“We are returning because we still have faith in the goodness of people, and we trust people have good intent and ultimately will do the right thing,” McCaffrey said. “This is not to say faith or trust should be given blindly, but there are moments when you must choose to rise above the fray and acknowledge you are part of something bigger.”

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