Coal Miner Sam Hall’s Coworkers Waved Their Penises Around Underground Because, Haha?, He’s a Homogay

Sam Hall, a gay coal miner in West Virginia, is suing his former employer Spartan Mining Co. (a Massey Energy Co. subsidiary) for tolerating the anti-gay harassment of his co-workers and failing to protect him from torment on the job. Also named in the lawsuit is foreman Randy Thomas, who’s accused of participating in the alleged discrimination, which included verbal harassment, attaching a “I like little boys” sign to his car, slurs written on his work locker, and, ahem, lewd gestures including coworkers waving their penises at Hall in the mines, BECAUSE WE’RE IN FOURTH GRADE. Hall (not pictured) reported the harassment, which endured for years, and included threats like, “I would like to see all [expletive] die.” Responds Massey general counsel Shane Harvey: “They are serious allegations, and we take them seriously. We are going to investigate it, and if any of them are true, we are going to take action swiftly to remedy the situation. However, at this stage, they are just allegations, and we are going into the investigation with an open mind.” And why don’t we preemptively throw in a health care settlement too?