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Concerned Women for America’s New Head Penny Young Nance Is The Terrible Person You’d Expect

Please join us in welcoming Penny Young Nance as the new head of Concerned Women for America, an organization that’s less about feminism and women’s rights as it is about giving women a terrible name: intolerant. Just named as CWA’s new head (where she previously served on the board), Nance supposedly oversee an organization of 500,000 members, which sounds like CWA is using the Human Rights Campaign’s math to count its flock. Recently employed by the FCC, the anti-abortion, “traditional values” proponent really made her name by founding the Kids First Coalition, a group that not only advocates, by default, against gays raising children, but also threw itself into the Luddite category by joining a Supreme Court lawsuit in a friend-of-the-court brief, which advocated the ban of peer-to-peer file share (i.e. BitTorrent) because the technology helps aid sexual predators. Nance is also fond of citing pop culture movies to explain America’s relationship with pro-lifers, and appears on television under the job title “stay at home mom” when appear on Fox News, rather than the more accurate “lobbyist.”