Convicted Sean Cody Extortionist Jarec Wentworth Speaks Out From Prison, Alleges Massive Conspiracy


Just over one year ago, we reported that Sean Cody performer Jarec Wentworth was arrested for felony extortion in an undercover FBI sting. Now he’s speaking out from prison, maintaining his innocence.

In an email to the very NSFW blog Str8upGay sent from a medium-security prison in Victorville, CA, Jarec, aka Teofil Brank, writes that his attorneys were part of the conspiracy perpetrated by millionaire Republican Donald Burns to convict him.

“My attorneys didn’t fight the case as I told them to. They didn’t question witnesses how they were supposed to. I told them to ask the questions I was writing down [during trial], only for them to say ‘No, no, we got this.’ FML. They were in on it, too.”

Brank, was put under surveillance earlier last year after he attempted to blackmail a wealthy gentleman, later revealed to be Burns, out of some $500,000 in cash and an Audi R8 valued at $180,000.

From the get-go, Brank said he was the real victim, calling Burns a “smart and Evil man,” and claiming he was offered the gifts fair and square.

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In the FBI affidavit, Brank’s text messages to Donald include things like, “I want a condo here in LA. Bachelor pad. You have a taste I like. 2 bed Max. Perfer [sic] one. I want 300,000 cash. You can and will. I want this ASAP like yesterday. So you can be at peace.”

That made it a bit tough to buy the whole “set-up” story, and a jury agreed. He was sentenced to six years in prison.

In Brank’s latest emails, he claims these texts were also part of a conspiracy, alleging there are “about 50 missing texts,” and that he ones presented at trial were altered.

As for his appeal and future plans, he somewhat incoherently writes:

“I will win my appeal. I will sue Don after this. If they don’t destroy my phone, I can show the proof. I need a forensic examiner to look into my phone and recordings. You can clearly hear the fucking pauses. And there were more calls, on the same day of what they have. The beginning calls which should be recorded, and they have hidden but wont use. Because I didn’t demand money in those calls, and I didn’t extort Don. Don is a billionaire, and the FBI is his protection. He can do what he wants and get away with it.”

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