Craig Ferguson Reveals To Isaac Mizrahi: ‘Apart From The Sex With Men, I Am A Gay Man’

Isaac Mizrahi’s Late Late Show appearance started gay (nipple presentation?) and went gayer from there (sparkles in your hair?). And then EVEN GAYER (discussing the bears and twinks of CNN). And then, around the 3:45 mark, Craig Ferguson tells Issac, “I told you this: Apart from the sex with men, I am a gay man.” He’s got a crush on that Taylor Lautner fella — and all that is before they start playing with each other’s mouth organs. Oh get a room you two!

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  • TheRealAdam

    But the whole point of being a gay man is that you want and enjoy sexual and romantic intimacy with other men. No, Mr. Ferguson, you are not a gay man. Stop trivializing our lives, we are not just about a sexual act.

  • DJ

    HAHA! This was hilarious!

  • Charlie

    Love Craig, doesn’t shy away from having some gay fun in an interview. I never realized Craig looks like Liza.

  • Cam


    Thank you!!!

    If I hear one more obnoxious slutty female singer say “I’m just a gay man in a woman’s body”….ugh.

  • shaquita

    @TheRealAdam Although Im a straight woman I agree with you 100%. Well Isaac certainly got the whole “gay media personality” thing down

  • Nick

    Isaac is an embarrassment to all gay men. Craig is an idiot. Kill your television.

  • DJ

    OMG stop being queens. He’s obviously just having some fun. It’s really not that big of a deal. Would you be happier if he were a homophobe?

  • Dan

    Dear God, can you guys just buy yourself a sense humor? They’re way cheaper than you think. Fergie is hilarious.

  • Pete n SFO

    I think, Craig, is a crack-up… he is TOTALLY gay in his humor. That’s part of what makes him fun- he shares our sardonic (look it up) perspective on the world.

    All you boys objecting… not to worry. I’m sure he’s not “your” kind of gay man anyway.

  • Harbo

    Apart from sex with women, I’m a straight man.

    HA HA Not even close. Don’t want to be.

  • Eric

    That was a laugh riot!

    Craig is the only funny one left on late night.

  • Charles

    They totalled fucked right after the show.

  • adman

    Craig Fergie is a hottie and a little joke in an entertaining fashion hurts no one. What ever happened to celebrating our differences? Jeez, people.

  • TheRealAdam

    @adman: I suppose you would support black people “celebrating their differences” from white people by laughing at and supporting blackface?

    And this is the real problem with the gay community. None of you have the balls to stand up for yourselves in the face of mockery and ridicule. You’re helplessly trying to fit in so much that you accept your mocked status, thinking it somehow elevates you to an even playing field with the hets you desperately want approval from.

    There are far too many “Uncle Toms” in the gay community to ever get anything done expediently with regard to rights.

    People like you, Adman, and the others giving their lame excuses for this obnoxious behavior, are just sad. Sweep it all under the rug and ignore the disrespect, that’s your motto, isn’t it? Good luck with that…and don’t complain when another gay person kills themselves, since you had a hand in the killing.

  • Oprah

    ha ha ha ha ha that was soooo Hilarious. Thank you for posting this video. I love Craig. By the way, i have no doubt he had HOTS for …what this queens name?

  • Dan

    Someone needs to get laid…

  • adman

    @TheRealAdam: You know what small taters? You might want to save the ideological stances you’ll take when ridiculed and threatened, and that you bravely talk shit about over the internet, for a situation where you/we are actually being ridiculed and threatened. You’ll conflate this situation with racism and call me an Uncle Tom? Seriously?
    You know nothing, and are clearly apt to forget more than that when push comes to shove in any case, no matter what happens. I’m partnered with a cop, we’re out in our community, and a shrill little reactionary like you would fold into a heap if you had to deal with 1/100th of the homohating that we’ve dealt with. So sure, keyboard warrior until your head explodes, but you make terms like homophobia and racism more meaningless by the second. Every time you chime in, in fact. Go do your homework, little child.

  • Jimmy Fury

    So what’s the “whole point” of being gay again?
    You seem confused.

    Craig claims to be a gay man despite not liking sex with men, therefore saying there’s a lot more to being a gay man than just sex.
    You then claim the “whole point” of being gay (as if there’s an active purpose?) is sex with men.

  • TheRealAdam

    @adman: LOL, is that some sort of legitimate response that I should respond to earnestly? I’ll assume not and leave it what it is: a hot mess.

    @Jimmy Fury: I understand that what I wrote was unclear.

    I took offense (as any thinking gay person should) with Craig’s claim that apart from sex, he’s gay. Having sex with men 1)doesn’t make a man gay, and 2) isn’t the basis for being gay, since being gay involves sexual and romantic attraction (as I stated) to the same sex, as well as all those feelings and issues that come along with being a minority in straight society.

    A straight man can get off with a guy without being sexually or romantically attracted to him, or dealing with feelings of identity difference for being gay.

    By that standard, Craig’s comments, along with his stereotypically gay mannerisms here, struck me as very shallow and mocking of gay lives.

  • adman

    @TheRealAdam: Follows a straw man with a snotty yet meaningless rejoinder? Typical junior queen toxic dump. I’ve called you out in one attempt, which was easy (speaking of a hot mess). Your trolling mask shows all over this blog, so enjoy, but it’s out now lil’ one. Try being who you really are when you’re arguing; really, it’s for the best. As for the rest of your garbage tone arguments, you see shallowness everywhere, that’s because it’s your only reference to reality. It’s all you. You’re so transparent, it’s obvious you’re haughtily attempting to perform far above your station in life without any real notion of merit. A simply clueless keyboard warrior, collecting a world view over the tubez. (Is there any other kind?) Again, go away, bug.

  • TheRealAdam

    @adman: Huh…still here, I see? I have no idea why you insist on responding. You aren’t saying anything even remotely relevant to what I said, just trying (failing) to take cheap shots at me. It’s not working. Be silent, you pointless ape of a man.

  • adman

    @TheRealAdam: Haha, you mad? Relevance you say? You’re talking politics in a forum that discusses a comedy clip. Without this context, which you’ve so clearly missed, you’ve squandered tany opportunity to have an opinion of RELEVANCE. You’ve been flailing ever since, constructing IRRELEVANT (there’s that notion again) strawmen, and generally pissing yourself in a most humorous way, and I love comedy. Please continue, little false faced one. What further forms of theatrics will you parrot me ineptly with next? I can’t wait to see. Pointlessness IS TheRealAdam, so try to work out what your problem with me is in your next post, if you’re not too busy being a parasite in some other facet of your life.

  • TheRealAdam

    @adman: Oh dear, it appears you’ve misplaced your FAIL once again. I’ve found it for you. Take note:


  • adman

    Pointless, vain, dishonest, argumentative, and generally out of touch. Do you ever accept the consequences of anything you say online? See, you’re a troll, you have nothing, and you’re spending your time advocating that. Child, child. Keep going! I want to see more….

  • adman

    Oh, I see, you’re genuinely tired, stupid, and out of touch with your surroundings as a rule. Enjoy failblog more, and stay off of Queerty, you bring down the tone. It’s hard to do, but you’ve managed quite well, little cypher. What’s it like thinking the whole world is yours? Can you describe it?

  • TheRealAdam

    @adman: Ya

    @adman: wn.

    Those who have no argument fling poo. It’s simple, really.

    You’re quite boring.

  • adman

    “Those who have no argument fling poo. It’s simple, really.”

    Well, thank you for explaining yourself, finally a bit of candor and honesty.

    “You’re quite boring”

    Getting your head caved in upon realizing your folly is anything but boring lil’ thing. You’ll be more circumspect now, I presume?

  • TheRealAdam

    @Cam: You’re welcome :).

    @shaquita: Thanks.

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