Not Sure Of Plans...

Craig Flip-Flopping?

Toilet trolling Senator Larry Craig apparently can’t decide whether or not he’s going to leave office. Craig caught our gay eye when Congressional newspaper Roll Call reported on his disorderly conduct arrest. That arrest, of course, stemmed from allegedly inappropriate activity in a now famous Minneapolis airport toilet.

Following the scandal, Craig, who says he’s straight, announced his resignation. He then changed course and said it’s his intention to resign on September 30th, but wanted to try to clear his name first. Now, however, Craig appears to be digging in his heels.

U.S. Sen. Larry Craig said Thursday that he’s waiting to find out whether a judge dismisses his guilty plea next week before he decides whether he’ll step down from the Senate at the end of the month.

“I just don’t know yet,” Craig said, when asked whether he would resign Sept. 30.

But he also said Thursday that he is “doing all the things that I have to do in relation to shutting down my office and doing things like that.”

“It is my intent to proceed in that direction, as I told the public the day I made my announcement.”

We wonder if the GOP will throw a going away party? No doubt they’re anxious to see him out…