Crowd Cheers As Russians Beat Same-Sex Couple In Powerful New PSA

In a powerful new PSA produced by the Fair Games Project, created by Berzerk and released in partnership with the Russia Freedom Fund and Athlete Ally, discrimination is proclaimed “the newest Olympic sport.”

The two-minute spot features a happy same-sex couple holding hands on a sporting field, only to be beaten by a team of Russian bullies while an onlooking crowd cheers, celebrates, and offers high scores in unwavering approval.

The new Russia Freedom Fund was launched late last year in collaboration with the ILGA-Europe and Russian LGBT activists to draw global attention to the alarming treatment of LGBTs in Russia. The Fund’s first video, above, has garnered more than 70,000 views on YouTube in two short days.

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  • Dakotahgeo

    Russian hate is unbelievably gross and wrong. They should lose their global nation status… PRONTO!!! It is the dictatorial government, not the people!

  • Dakotahgeo

    @Dakotahgeo: The same to every other anti-gay bastard country!

  • Shanestud

    According to a UK documentary, the Russian government closely monitors any gay activist or human rights groups and if they have received funds (in any way) from foreign organizations then they will be charged with espionage. My question: What happens to the money we donate to Russia Freedom Fund?

  • ouragannyc

    very powerful

  • DShucking

    After the video of the groups in Russia kidnapping and torturing gays I don’t think I can watch this yet.

  • Sebizzar

    @DShucking: I know how you feel. I’m literally traumatized by the vids, they won’t leave my head and it’s keeping me depressed. I don’t even want to hear about the Olympics anymore I just want it to be over.

  • fagburn

    The Russia Freedom Fund is a front organisation set up by Jon Stryker, an American billonaire.

  • fagburn

    Why is a man who inherited a billion dollars asking you for money?

  • zanglah

    I applaud any and all efforts to use the Olympics to shine a glaring light on the Russian government, and its deplorable treatment and marginalization of the LGBT community. It is shameful that the Olympics had such a window of opportunity to generate positive change, but rather, chose not to. This video is very powerful, sad, yet effective in conveying the type of message that the world needs to be aware of what is happening in that country. Shame on the IOC for giving Russia the international spotlight despite its contraventions upon the rights of the gay community.


  • Mezaien

    Russian, should never been let in to the USA. The Russian, church and the Russian, people should have go back to their communist era with east German. (take Queerty with you) AdamHomo

  • tfrancon

    @fagburn: Ok, so a billionaire started an organization…. what’s your point? He has already donated billions of his own money to help combat LGBTQ hate in the United States. He helped destroy the ban on same sex marriage in MN. He donates millions of dollars every year to social justice causes. He donates millions of dollars to primate conservation and has even helped a species Rhino come out of the brink of extinction. He restores important historic buildings and donates millions of dollars and his time. Sounds like SUCH AN EVIL GUY. You’re really something, “fagburn.” And your website is really something as well. Why would you think anyone would listen to an ignorant person named “fagburn?”

  • Billysees



    I too feel what you’ve expressed here.
    Persecution is grievous, especially towards LGBT’s.
    I don’t even want to think about it.
    Maybe this is one of my weaknesses.

  • sweetfourGlambert


  • B Damion

    This is the very reason why we have to stop being so hateful towards each other on this blog and everywhere around the world.

    These people want to kill gay people. They are sending a very bold statement in this ad. We need to start to band together instead of tearing each other down. This is F*** crazy.

  • Misha

    I’m sorry. I’m russian and it’s the first time I hear that in our country is 3000$ fine if you are a gay!!! I also asked my friend who is a gay and he said it’s a bullshit! This video even wasn’t made by russians. We even do not play this game in the video. I dunno bout other countries, but as for Russia it’s a lie!!

  • Matt G

    What an excellent ad- good to know there are charitable organizations thinking globally as we here get very wrapped up in the marriage equality stuff going on right now. Comparing ourselves to more progressive European and Latin American countries we in the US seem to have it bad, but there are definitely worse places to be.

  • alisamaria

    I am a proud Russian-American I was born in Russia and raised in the United States my whole life. I only know English and I am bisexual. This ad to me cuts to the core as it involves many different part of my life. The people I choose to love, the county I was born in and never got to experience, and the country that includes freedom as its core foundation that is all I know. This issue was not such a hot topic until the Olympics in the United States and it seems like a fad. Uganda has laws that allow them to kill or jail homosexuals for their entire life. There are many other countries that have this agenda mostly located in Africa and the Middle East. It is depressing that we use the Olympics to target one country that, while it does discriminate, is one of many offenders. We should chose our battles wisely and be indiscriminate to which countries we condemn for the same cause. If we choose to watch Russia for this who would come to their side. Would this turn into a global argument? I believe in freedom and many people use it’s premise to FORCE other countries to carry our beliefs through scrutiny. How free is that? I say we should be criticizing Russia for its government because if the people do believe the same it should be their decision to make, just because the government is anti-gay doesn’t say anything about the people. If they support it or not. If they do then it should stay if not then nix it. The people decide not the government and weather or not I agree with what they chose it is THEIR country. If I ever decide to go back I would gladly vote to legalize any form of PDA or way of living with whom you love, but the message we should be sending is to allow a more democratic government that can better voice the opinions of the population.

  • SOCALBOY122162

    Did anyone notice the other three nations’ flags behind the “athletes” standing in “medal ceremony” scene? The flags are those of Iran and Uganda! Yup, the other bastions of hate. This video made me sick. The actors’ willful participation is reprehensible.

  • lorwett

    ARE YOU FOR REAL?!!! You are crazy, if you think that Russian police or people in general give a f**k about your sexuality – nobody will touch a person, gay or straight, if he does’t make trouble or provoke commotion.

    I’m from Russia and I dance jazz-funk, so I know a lot of gay guys. And I can say for a fact that my heterosexual male friends have their a**es beaten more frequently. Gay guys won’t ruin their looks to defend, for example, they choice of football team, of music band and any other ridiculous reason that guys invent to have a fight. But I remember one cat fight in gay club in Saint-P. So, depends on a person, I think…

    Yes, in Russia you can’t be openly gay in some professions – like military or police force. You, I’m sure, as a free country, don’t have this issue, ha?.. And yes, for now gay strikes and gay marriage aren’t legitimate, but so is homophobic propaganda. And very unlikely in the US in every state gay people and gay couples have happy serene life and support from the government.
    American gays have the same problems as any other gays in the world – so would you please stop with the criticism towards other nations?!
    20 years ago USSR didn’t know homosexuality. Give us time. Not your hatred.

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