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D.C. night club receives threats after refusing to host “Deploraball” for white supremacists


The tables have turned on antigay radicals who want the legal right to discriminate against people based on their personal religious beliefs. They’ve suddenly found themselves on the receiving end of that sort of treatment, and–guess what?–they don’t like it!

The Clarendon Ballroom is a popular private event venue in Arlington, VA that regularly hosts concerts, galas, and weddings. Last week, the club’s operations director Adrianne Freshman was contacted by a man who said he wanted to throw a party for a group called The Citizens for Trump. Freshman sent the man a proposal and the two spoke over the phone. No contract was signed and no money was exchanged.

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Days later, Freshmen learned that the “Citizens for Trump” party was actually being thrown by a hate group called The Deplorables, which is run by white supremacist Mike Cernovich, a man deemed by The New Yorker as ““the meme mastermind of the alt-right.” They had billed the event as “The DeploraBall.” But not just that, they had also already sold 500 tickets, despite not actually securing the venue.

After learning all this, Freshman contacted Cernovich and politely backed out of hosting the event. And that’s when things got messy.

Cernovich retaliated by posting a 26 minute video to Twitter accusing the ballroom of discrimination and giving into pressure from forces opposed to Donald Trump.

“The Clarendon Ballroom is not going to host it,” he hissed. “They caved to left-wing harassment!”

Then he showed what appears to be a proposal from Clarendon Ballroom. He did not, however, show a signed contract. (Because he never signed one!)

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Shortly after that, Freshman began receiving threats by phone and email.

“I have literally spent my entire day blocking people and deleting hundreds of slanderous, dangerous, vulgar and threatening posts and tweets, answering threatening phone calls and watching my first ever Twitter War,” he told media in an email.

The venue’s Yelp and Facebook pages was also bombarded with negative reviews, many from people who live states away:

We can’t help but wonder if this is a precursor for what is to come. Are we now going to see white supremacists and other hate groups suing liberal and pro-LGBTQ businesses?

Should nightclubs be allowed to refuse events thrown by groups that oppose equal rights? Share your thoughts in the comments…

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