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DaBaby credits God for making him an “icon” after homophobic remarks, Twitter responds accordingly

DaBaby in his ‘Giving What It's Supposed To Give’ video
DaBaby in his ‘Giving What It’s Supposed To Give’ video (Photo: YouTube)

There’s a big difference between being praised for a job well done and drawing negative attention to yourself by making ignorant remarks. But apparently DaBaby still hasn’t received that memo and we’re starting to doubt whether he ever will.

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The other day, the Grammy-nominated rapper, who came under fire last week for comments he made about HIV/AIDS, gay men, and women, tweeted: “I was tryna be a rapper for like one more year God ready for me to be a ICON now. This what I asked for I proudly accept the challenge. lets get it.”


We’re not sure being criticized by everyone from Dua Lipa to Madonna to Elton John, as well as by advocacy groups like GLAAD, among many, many, many others elevates a person to “icon” status.

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We’re also not sure being dropped at the last minute from the lineups at Lalloapalooza and the Governors Ball Music Festival, and having your sponsorship deal canceled with the fashion brand BoohooMAN, makes you an “icon” either.

Here’s how people responded to DaBaby crediting God for making him an “icon”…

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