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Dan Savage’s Superfun Transphobic Attack on Washington AG Rob McKenna

So Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna, who has joined folks like his Virginia counterpart Ken Cuccinelli II in suing to block the just-passed health care reform law, is trans? (Updated: Or not.)

“Rob McKenna doesn’t make a big deal about it, but he is the only prominent Republican LGBT elected official in the country,” writes Dan Savage. Huh, this is news to us. (But not to you much wiser readers, right?)

Like a gay politician voting against gay marriage, McKenna’s lawsuit against the health care law would inhibit taxpayer-funded sex change operations, an enormously complex procedure that he’s apparently enjoyed himself. We won’t go as far as Savage in saying that by ridiculing the law he’s as bad as faggot-slurring Tea Party members, simply because they too don’t like the Democrats’ health care project, but it’s always stunning to see somebody move against an oppressed and denigrated community that he himself belongs to.

UPDATE: Ugh. Turns out Savage’s entire post about McKenna’s trans identity, according to the blog Pam’s House Blend, was a ruse to incite hatred toward the AG. And now the story is destined to focus on Dan’s arguably transphobic attack — insulting McKenna as a disgusting trans politico, in the same fashion anti-LGBT politicians attack our kind — than McKenna’s lawsuit.

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