Davey Wavey Debunks Gay Myths, Badly

Butch gay jocks. Lipstick lesbians. Ramin Setoodeh. All are types of homosexuals that can be confusing to the average breeder. So allow Davey Wavey to explain why some of us love Glee and going to the gym, while others prefer baseball and beers.

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  • justiceontherocks

    Does this guy have some deal with Queerty to promote his videos? There’s nothing noteworthy about them. They’re pretty vapid. A guy with man-boobs who doesn’t own a shirt and makes silly tapes doesn’t cut it in this day and age.

  • kayla

    Ugh…he’s so puke worthy…Buy a shirt already!!!

  • Spike

    Why hasn’t Logo put this mindless boob with that himbo Reichen on a show together?!!? It would be hilarious watching the two clowns fight for who gets the most screen time.

  • GetEqual are Dirty Spammers



  • Qjersey

    A stereotype giving us a lesson on stereotypes.

  • Jorge

    He’s not insightful.

  • Jeffree

    @GetEqual Are…:
    I don’t think GE is actually involved in those posts. AndrewW from the get go has been trying to discredit them by posing as a member, and you don’t see those posts on the many sites AndrewW has been banned from.

    Those requests for $ make GE seem annoying, which is precisely his goal. No one else has such a grudge against them…

  • Scottie

    Wow, the comments here are disgusting.

  • JR

    He’s annoying at best. Cute, but annoying. Whe is he on here again?

  • Brentinpdx

    He is kinda cute in a , I wanna fist him sorta way

  • Paul in Canada

    This is like a bad live-Facebook post.

  • Kamikapse

    Davey Wavey does everything “badly”.

    No point in mentioning it.

  • Owen

    It’s funny how this site clearly loves torturing people so much.

    DaveyWavey videos get posted like clockwork, everyone has the same reaction of infuriated contempt, and the complaints are invariably ignored while the site puts up his latest vid next time.

    It’s somehow extremely repetitive and mildly entertaining at the same time.

  • MarkOfAntares

    I remember when Davey Wavey was insightful and clever.

  • divkid

    Actually amazed — a couple of funny moments in that. and timing was ok.

    i hate him 1% less. keep this up davey boy and i swear your poularity chart number will increse till by the end of this year you’ll be squeezed in the position between pol pot and that nice mr hitler — and you know you’d like to be that sandwich!

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