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David Bahati Came To America To Have a Slumber Party With Another Man

On Wednesday night Rachel Maddow invited Uganda’s “Kill The Gays” proponent David Bahati on her television program. And that was nice, because Bahati had conned his way onto American soil, and why let an opportunity like that go to waste? But one night of questioning wasn’t enough for this fella, so Maddow aired the second part of their interview last night. About how Bahati is a tool of that American religious cult The Family! Participating in same-sex sleepovers with Jack Klenk (and his wife Linda)! And then Maddow throws this down: You might be charged with crimes against humanity. Which, uh, is technically possible, but realistically unlikely. Because that would mean we’d have to round up most Arab nation officials.

A planned GetEQUAL protest outside the Klenks’ home was canceled, LezGetReal reports, after U.S. State Department officials forced Bahati to leave the country immediately.

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    I freaking love Rachel! She exposed this douchebag as nothing more than a pandering, bigoted, ignorant, moron. The members of the family are using Uganda as a test case for their demented wet dream of outlawing Gay in the US. Rachel’s questioning showed this scumbag has the IQ of a block of wood.

    Instead of being concerned with the rampart poverty and suffering in his country he concentrates on imprisoning persons who are most likely one of the few classes of citizens who actually contribute to the countrys economy…………..

  • Kev C

    So David Bahati snuck into the US on a false pretext with the help of Jack Klenk. But how did he land on Rachel Maddow’s show for a big exclusive interview for her? What is Rachel’s connection to The Family?

  • Patty Meltdown

    It would be interesting to follow this human slime’s tracks across the US. I have always contended that the US christianists have been using Africa to test the waters for their agenda here in the US. I can almost guarantee he will be meeting up with the likes of Focus and other militant christianist groups.

    There is a reason he was brought here, and it wasn’t for some economic summit.


    @Kev C: Rachels connection with the family is that she has been on the forefront in exposing them and their members for years now……….She has devoted hours on showing how this twisted band of scumbags are attempting to manipulate the laws of this country to achieve a far right wet dream……………

    Am 100% certain this vile scumbag had no idea whom he was being interviewed with. He was told he would be on a nationwide broadcast on a major network and being the ignorant ass he is, jumped at the chance without getting approval from the family which certainley would have been denied as fast as the words came out of his vile mouth

  • Kev C

    David Bahati knew he wasn’t welcome at the conference, yet took a risk to enter the US illegally.

    And the only thing he accomplished here was to appear on Rachel Maddow’s show.

    For an impromptu interview … with pre-prepared questions.

    hmmm sure.

  • Tessie Tura

    Wonder what he’d think of a Kill the Blacks bill.

  • divkid

    love love love this woman, if she had a penis she’d be my husband. if she owns a strap-on the offers still there

  • Craig

    Does this case uncover some nasty censorship? If you Google the story of Bahati being thrown out of USA, up pops a URL for Ugandan newspaper the Observer, and a story all about it, that was written on Friday. But, the link is no longer functional. The story is no longer there on the Observer site. Although you can still access the story as cached by Google!

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