Tory Member of Parliament David Davies has been having quite the way with words lately. First he stated that most parents wouldn’t want a gay child as it would somehow preclude having grandchildren. To his credit, Davies knew his sentiments would cause controversy, so he was prepared with a rebuttal.

Yesterday he tweeted:

Once fought gay boxer. Respect & like.trained with after bout so not bigoted. actvists calm down- listen to other views

Davies also included a link to the following video from a 2008 match with Britain’s only openly gay boxer, Charles “The Pink Pounder” Jones.


According to the video’s description, the bout was organized after Davies took up boxing and was challenged by Jones, who describes himself as “a boxer who happens to be gay and doesn’t give a toss who knows it.”

After three rounds, Davies, who was 10 years younger than Jones and claimed to be “very, very fit” for his age, was declared the winner based on points.

“I think I had the first round, the second was a draw and in the third they were almost going to stop it,” boasted Davies. “I definitely had the better of him. To be fair, he’s a lot more experienced than me.”

Davies, who apparently has a history of making offensive anti-gay comments, also defended himself following the fight, saying that he’s not homophobic because he “stood up for them [the gays] against Muslim extremists.” He added, “I just don’t like political correctness.”

As the New Statesmen points out, Davies wrote a letter to UK LGBT advocacy group Stonewall in May supporting gay marriage but also expressing concern that churches may be forced to officiate them.

Last week Prime Minister David Cameron announced he would support a provision to the marriage equality legislation that would allow willing churches and other places of worship to hold gay weddings, while protecting opposed organizations from being forced to do so.

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