We did a deep dive into #GaysForTrump so you don’t have to and here’s what we found

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Newsweek recently ran a story about a bogus poll conducted by the hookup app Hornet that found a large percentage of gay men plan to vote for Donald Trump in November. Of the 1,200 people surveyed, 51 percent said they supported Joe Biden in the upcoming election, compared to 45 percent who said they supported Trump.

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Despite being called out by media outlets and professional pollsters for being incomplete, inaccurate, and “unlikely to be representative” of LGBTQ voters, Fox News still ran with Hornet’s poll as though it were true. Tucker Carlson even had gay conservative Eddie Scarry, author of “Privileged Victims,” on his primetime show to talk about it.

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We decided to do a deep dive into the #GaysForTrump and #LGBTQForTrump hashtags on Instagram to see if we could learn who these alleged 45% of gay people were, as well as to see if we might be able to learn why they support a candidate who has been actively working against their best interests for three and a half years.

Here’s what we found…

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Yes it is OK! . #repost @realbrokebackpatriot ??? Today is the birthday of one of my favorite humans of all time: Rogan O’Handley aka @dc_draino. We met in the fall of 2017 before Brokeback was even Brokeback, and I could have never imagined we would be here 3 years later. Rogan has always been a TRUE friend and I can honestly say 100% I would not be where I am today without his support. Thank you to my dear friend, 35 is going to be YOUR YEAR! It is such an honor to have a front row seat on this journey with you ?? this photo is from 2018 Pride in St. Petersburg, Florida when Rogan and I trolled the parade ? it was at exactly this moment when this straight white male put on a gays for trump shirt and went to the pride parade with me that I knew we would be friends for life ?? @dc_draino #brokebackpatriot #gay #gayrepublicans #gayconservatives #gays4trump #gaysfortrump? #gaysofinstagram #logcabinrepublican #logcabinrepublicans #democratsfortrump #democratsdestroyamerica #walkaway #walkawaymarch #maga #trump2020 #trump #liberty #freethinker #liberalismisamentaldisorder #liberallies #bulliesofinstagram #bully #bullies #democratbullies #hatersgonnahate #haters #trump2020??

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Social distancing myself from Democrats since 2016.

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