Did Adam Lambert Slap A Beauty Queen During Slugfest With His Boyfriend?

A former Miss Helsinki has become enmeshed in the fallout from the Adam Lambert/Sauli Koskinen brawl that landed the battling boyfriends in jail last night.

Sofia Ruusila, Miss Helsinki 2010, had been out partying with friends Lambert and Koskinen at Helsinki’s famed gay club Don’t Tell Mama when the boozy lovers’ dust-up broke out. (Ruusila is engaged to Koskinen’s friend and fellow Finnish Big Brother winner Niko Nousiainen.)

The Finnish model tells Finland’s MTV3 that when she and Nousiainen noticed the Lambert-Koskinen battle brewing, they tried to break it up. Ruusila then tried to comfort the distraught Lambert, but in the fracas, his arms flailed and he slapped her, though completely accidentally.

After both Lambert and Koskinen spent the night in jail, Finland’s Iltalehti newspaper reports both are now free and that formal charges will not be filed.

A sobered-up Lambert tweeted about the matter this evening:

“Jetlag+Vodka=blackout. Us÷blackout=irrational confusion. jail+guilt+press=lesson learned. Sauli+Adam+hangover burgers= laughing bout it. :)”

Koskinen was the winner of Finland’s version of the Big Brother reality show in 2007, and is now an entertainment reporter and radio personality. He and Lambert live together in Hollywood, where last month they celebrated their one year anniversary.

Lambert’s new single, “Better Than I Know Myself,” the first from his upcoming album Trespassing, was released just two days ago.

Image via Sofia Ruusila

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  • mattsy


  • Chris

    Re: Tweet

    Adam Lambert was not at fault, he was the victim of circumstances out of his control. Getting into physical confrontations with your boyfriend is hilarious.

    I am so sorry we built up this vapid pop star, Finland. Keep producing that awesome metal!

  • ZHammer

    Publicity for his new song?

  • ScaryRussianHeather

    Twitter:@adamlambert Adam Lambert

    “Violence is not to be taken lightly. Embarrassed by drunkenness. No punches thrown, no injuries and no charges. Media always exaggerates.”

    All reports from Finland including authorities confirm there was no physical violence. Unless flailing is a crime, which, would make all Glamberts, forever flailing, criminals.

    Here’s the inside scoop:

  • Stevie

    So embarrassing. Finally a mainstream popstar in America is out and proud and this Mary is drunk off his ass, crying, flailing and getting violent with his reality show boyfriend. Cue the rehab stories.

  • debra

    Look Adam had problem dealing with Sauli being famous over there. Sauli deals with it over here. Each one is popular, it goes both ways.

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