Did Coca-Cola Just Make A Really Gay Ad Without Even Knowing It?

A singing bear atop a cheerleader’s pyramid … in a Speedo. A giant rainbow. Sheep in honeycomb couture. All for a product with zero calories. If Coca-Cola Zero isn’t intentionally being marketed to gays here, they should find a new creative agency. [via Adme]

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  • myrios123

    that… was horrible.

  • Michael vdB

    It was….um….unbelieveable.

  • Everyone out there

    I want nothing to do with this commercial.

  • bryce

    haha seriously awful.
    was that even a song?
    if birds pooped candy?!?

  • Cooper

    He’s riding Bearback!! bahahaha.

    But yeah, that’s bad. I wouldn’t say gay just flamboyant in a musical sort of way.

    I don’t really view it as being that gay.

  • Erick

    Would this be on the so bad is good category? No.

  • AlanInSLC

    Wow, just from the comments here, its obvious the marketing needs some help. Everyone has a completely different take on the intention of the commercial.

  • mixed-fruits

    @akn: You beat me to it, AKN. I saw this on Orangina vending machines and walls of Paris subway and went: “WTF!” And then I saw the whole ad!

  • Colin


  • Lucky Luke

    That was awful.

    And Coke Zero doesn’t taste like regular coke at all.

  • edgyguy1426

    LOL if birds pooped candy

  • Alex

    @akn: WTF was that?!?

  • Smokey Martini

    I think the aim was to be absurd, not gay.

  • Scott

    The music reminded me of Meatloaf’s 80’s music.

    re: Orangina ad, I kept expecting the bear to bite off the deer’s head.

  • dnyinnyc

    That was embarrassing to watch.

  • Phoenix (Pepsi Drinker For Now On)

    Awk!! That made me feel icky inside.

  • Roxy

    i think they’re marketing it towards furries if they’re marketing it towards anyone.

  • Chris


    It’s called subjectivity bud. And this wasn’t really “gay” at all in my opinion.

  • Andrew Triska

    @mixed-fruits: Me, too — I saw the Orangina ad, and did a little double-take when I saw the Coke one. Like, “Haven’t I seen this before…?”

  • Domaq

    It looks more like an LSD trip than a gay trip. Although the bird pooping candy might turn it into a bad trip rather quickly.

  • Tweek

    can’t tell if it was intentional or not, but that was really, really gay.

    And, they probably could have deleted that part about birds pooping candy…. No. Bad ad agency. We don’t say poop on tv or ever. It’s a silly word. No. (taps ad agency on the nose)

  • Gary

    well, I thought it was hillarious. . .not gay, just hillariously awful on too many levels. . .but hey, not as bad as those bear in the woods toilet paper ads. I see the connection with those Orangina ads as well, but on a different level. The Orangina ad is borderline porn, this ad is just dumb and sophmoric.

  • Aaron Khan

    Even better watching when you’re high

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