Did Gym Owner David Barton Fire ‘F-ing Dyke’ Trainers For Being Gay?

It’s hard enough for homosexuals to choose the right homosexual gym, but must we really deal with one that actively discriminates against our own kind? That’s what Deborah Cooke and Christina Rodino, two lesbian trainers (and roommates), say they dealt with at David Barton Gym in Manhattan, one of the country’s gayest fitness facilities. But the pair were ousted Dec. 2 after enduring anti-gay harassment and complaining about it, their new lawsuit claims.

Cooke says she was dubbed “Lesbian Deb” at the gym, called a “fucking dyke,” and was asked by her manager “whether she was ‘going to strap on a penis tonight.’” They also claim they were instructed “to engage in sexual relations with another woman at the workplace.” And the allegations don’t end there. Some are directed right at the gym’s owner David Barton (pictured), who has a son and just split with nightlife queen Susan Bartsch in December, who is known for “molesting female staff members,” the court filing says. Barton put Cooke, who earned some $100k a year, in his phone as “Dyke Cooke,” she alleges.

Barton’s reps deny the claims and insist the pair were fired for training outside clients, something the plaintiffs say other (straight) trainers did all the time without discipline.

Now what happened to the David Barton Gym we grew to know and love, the one where you can get a HJ in the sauna after a brutal workout?

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  • Comixbear

    From the look of this guy’s picture, there’s one thing he has neglected to work out…his brain.

  • ForeverGay

    Do you expect anything else from heterosexuals? Where are the gay gym owners? Where are the gay entrepreneurs? Gay people should not be giving their money to the oppressor class, heterosexuals, and spending time in a place where heterosexuals can’t wait to harass you for being gay.

  • gregger

    @ForeverGay: David Barton is not straight…….he’s just a flaming a–wipe.

  • the crustybastard

    Gee Velma, do you think the ostentatious cross necklace may offer a clue to solve this mystery?

  • alan brickman

    I highly doubt this…David is so gay friendly..bring back morning goods!!!

  • justiceontherocks

    @alan brickman: GAY??? With that hair style and jewelry??? Come on, man.

  • Gregger

    He’s also Jewish, as is his soon to be ex wife.

  • hephaestion

    Wow, this is shocking, since David Barton was pro-gay decades before anyone else was. He’s been surrounded by gays for decades, on purpose, I might add. So if this is true, it’s very shocking and disappointing to me.

  • .

    1. Yes, he is a (part) Jew. Don’t know about the ex. Thought she was German. Thick German accent, like she’s about to annex Belgium or something.

    2. No, he is not straight.

    3. No, he is not bright.

    4. Yes, he would not only fail to prevent but also actually engage in inappropriate speech and behavior.

  • scott ny'er

    he looks like an idiot in that picture. An idiot who’s happy, but an idiot nonetheless.

    He also looks like a midget. A very muscular midget. But a midget nonetheless. I’m not sure that’s the look he’s striving for tho.

  • GetBalance

    Hmm………being gay friendly doesn’t always mean “everyone”, Maybe these two were weird trogs. Always 2 sides to every story. But firing seems a bit much. Though I don’t known how I’d deal if there were severe non sexist personality clashes.

  • gregger

    @scott ny’er: He’s incredibly short and looks like someone stuck an air hose in each of his muscle groups. 15 years ago he looked cute, now he looks like a freak.

  • gregger

    @.: He identified himself as Jewish years ago, Suzanne Bartsch is Swiss and he identified her as Jewish years ago in an interview when he was accused of anti-semetism.

  • ComeOuEveryone

    He looks like a walking hemorrhoid.

  • Overthe Rainbow

    These women seem like they’re just bitter for being fired and want to get even. They prob do indeed train outside clients and are prob a couple looking for a way to get money now that they’re broke. F-ing losers get a job

  • Gilrien

    David Barton is an idiot, he ran the gym into bankruptcy. The Bellevue gym is falling apart because they will not give them the means to get anything fixed. Then he blames it all on the staff at the gym. Are they supposed to pay for repairs out of their own pockets? Bad business man and really has nothing in his head but air and the coke he snorted earlier in the day.

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