Amnity and Luz in The Owl House - one of the characters is confirmed bisexual
Amnity and Luz in The Owl House (Image: Disney Channel)

Warning: Contains spoilers for The Owl House episode, ‘Enchanting Grom Fright’!

The creator of Disney Channel’s animated show, The Owl House, has confirmed one of its lead characters is bisexual.

The 16-episode animated fantasy show began airing in January. A second season has already been commissioned.

The show follows the adventures of a 14-year-old Dominican-American girl, Luz Noceda, who stumbles into an alternative, magical universe and is taken under the wing – no pun intended – of a rebellious witch named Eda the Owl Lady.

The latest episode, aired on Saturday and entitled Enchanting Grom Fright, presented the possibility of a romance between Luz and recurring female character, Amity.

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In the show, the characters are attending “Grom”, a prom-like event at school. The selected “Grom queen” must fight a monster that represents their greatest fear. Initially, Amity is the Grom queen, but she asks Luz to take her place. It’s eventually revealed that Amity’s fear was to ask Luz to be her Grom date.

You can watch a clip from the show below.

On Sunday, the series’ creator, Dana Terrace, took to Twitter to confirm that the show intentionally included queer representation.

“When I was first developing Owl House I always wanted to do a prom episode to make up for my own experiences,” Terrace said at the start of a Twitter thread. “Back then PROM was an anagram for “Perennial Ritual Offering Maiden”. I’m so INCREDIBLY grateful for the crew working to make this episode so badass.”

“In dev I was very open about my intention to put queer kids in the main cast. I’m a horrible liar so sneaking it in would’ve been hard haha. When we were greenlit I was told by certain Disney leadership that I could NOT represent any form of bi or gay relationship on the Channel.

“I’m bi! I want to write a bi character, dammit!” Terrace continued. “Luckily my stubbornness paid off and now I am VERY supported by current Disney leadership. (Thank you @NashRiskin and team!) Not to mention the amazingness of this crew.

“Representation matters! Always fight to make what YOU want to see! As OH continues I can’t wait to explore things that are important to me and my crew. Looking forward to the next chapter. 🦉💕…Which is next week in WING IT LIKE WITCHES! Thank you for watching!”

Among those to celebrate the episode was the LGBTQ advocacy group, GLAAD.

“We’re excited about the LGBTQ-inclusive storytelling in Disney Channel’s new animated series #TheOwlHouse, which is portraying an inclusive, fair, accurate, and age-appropriate world through the representation of its characters.”

Disney Channel has previously featured queer storylines in shows such as Andi Mack and amongst background characters in Good Luck Charlie and Star vs. The Forces of Evil. There’s also a same-sex couple in Star Wars Resistance, although it’s not explicitly confirmed on-screen.

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The developing storyline in The Owl House marks another step forward for Disney, with another creative saying it would have been unheard of even a few years ago.

Alex Hirsch was the showrunner for Gravity Falls (2012-2016) and also voices an Owl House character. In response to Terrace’s tweet, he says that in 2012, he was prohibited from including any suggestion of a character being gay or queer on Gravity Falls.

Hirsch went on to blast the inevitable critics of The Owl House who will take umbrage with the queer storyline.

“If you have a problem with this stuff, take it up with your therapist, or whoever in your upbringing taught you to fear something totally normal. They did you a disservice, and you can still grow. Gay people exist. They live with your bullshit, you can live with theirs.”

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