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Dixon Dallas’ latest bussy-bumping country twanger has everyone feeling choked

Dixon Dallas
Dixon Dallas (Photo: TikTok)

Dixon Dallas has teased fans with a snippet of his latest work. Once again, it’s a country track with a decidedly raunchy, gay flavor.

Dixon is the creation of South Alabama-raised rapper, singer, and songwriter Jake Hill. He gained worldwide attention over the summer with the release of his track “Good Lookin’”. On the surface, it was a typical country ode to sweaty romance… until the chorus kicked in. It detailed a male lover pounding Dixon and kissing his “bussy”.

The track shot to the top of the Spotify viral chart, where it remained for several weeks. Dixon followed it up swiftly with similar country bops, entitled “Like Whisky” and “F150”. There’s no title yet for his new offering, but the lyrics are again… relatable.

“I need a man to lay me down and give me something to feel/come pull me closer, bend me over, I’m just here for the thrill,” he sings. “No strings attached/I’ll arch my back and let you do what you want. Yeah, you can use me as you please/I’m on my knees.”

And then it becomes more X-rated.

“I’ll go and grab a couple candles, you grab me by the throat/Nothin’ I can’t handle, it’s just a little choke/Don’t be shy, I like it rough/It ain’t enough until I’m screaming your name/Don’t make me beg unless you want it, you know I ain’t ashamed.”

@iamactuallyjakehill Dixon Dallas might just drop another number 1 country bop! #fyp #dixondallas #countrymusic ♬ original sound – Jake Hill

The video ends with the promise that the track will be available soon on all streaming services.

One well-liked comment summed up what many were thinking.

“Dixon Dallas and Lil Nas need to collab.”

Dallas/Hill has not confirmed his sexuality. Speaking to Pride in August, he refused to clarify.

“No, I haven’t disclosed my sexuality. I could be gay, I could be straight, I could be bi. At the end of the day, I feel like it doesn’t matter. There’s no law that says I can’t write a song about getting my booty cheeks bounced off of.”

Maren Morris leaves country because of homophobia

Dixon Dallas’ arrival coincides with a rise in awareness about LGBTQ figures in country music. NBC recently profiled four queer singers attempting to carve themselves a career in the country music scene: Lilli Lewis, Ever More Nest, Paisley Fields and Mya Byrne. Orville Peck is another gay country singer who has already established a cult following.

However, for many, country remains a genre rife with unwelcoming fans. Grammy-award-winning singer Maren Morris told the LA Times last Friday she was leaving country music. Morris was among the performers at a recent Tennessee concert protesting the state’s ban on drag performers. She indicated she was fed up with the small-mindedness of some country music audiences.

“After the Trump years, people’s biases were on full display,” Morris said. “It just revealed who people really were and that they were proud to be misogynistic and racist and homophobic and transphobic.”

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