Do You Care If A Guy Who Once Made Out With Ricky Martin Is Getting Married?

Pablo Ruiz, a barely known 35-year-old Argentinian singer sometimes known as Pablito Ruiz, previously tried to hook himself onto Ricky Martin‘s fame by claiming the pair made out once at a party in the 90s. (Video here.) But now he’s going it alone with his own non-Ricky romance, claiming he and 18-year-old model Emiliano Terrazzino are set to marry “in a few months” — an announcement that came forward, supposedly, because a photo of them kissing was published in a tabloid. So good for them? Because I would never imagine anyone would manufacture a romantic event for the publicity. And nobody ever stages paparazzi pictures!

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  • Matt

    Congratulations boys!

  • Lucky bitch


  • Dirty Anthem

    And this is out business because????

  • raul

    Pablo Ruiz used to be a big teen star here in Mexico. His manager and others robbed him blind and after his sexuality became public knowlege (the man is not exactly the butchest of the butch)he couldn’t get hired to lick an envelope.

    Anyway…..Pablo has been claiming to have made out with Ricky since the 90s (we hung out in the same circles), waaaaaay before anyone suspected Ricky was gay. So I don’t think he’s trying to cash in on Ricky’s coming out. It may really have happened.

  • Kirby

    And this is anyone’s business because? Get a grip folks. Let these guys go their separate ways as they choose. If this was a straight couple, it would not make news, so why is it now?

  • Ernesto

    Pablo Ruiz is not as little known as this article implies. He used to be a pretty famous tween performer back in the 80s in Latin America.

  • winemaker

    Espanol: Yo les deseo mucho amor y bien suerte. Este pareja aparece feliz y porque deberemos desearles mal? Buena suerte Ricardo, lo merece. English: I wish them much love and good luck. This couple looks happy and why should we wish them harm? Good luck Ricky, you deserve it!

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