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Dr. Oz’s disastrous Senate campaign reportedly on “life support” as he eyes TV comeback


Reality has apparently caught up with Dr. Mehmet Oz.

Oz, 61, currently seeks to represent the people of Pennsylvania in the US Senate. Since announcing his candidacy last November, he has tripped over one obstacle after the next. First, he saw his syndicated talk show pulled from reruns on a number of stations in three major markets to avoid violation of the equal time rule.

Ratings for his show also plummeted in markets where it remained on the air. In addition, Oz invited wide criticism by voicing support for the anti-transgender views of JK Rowling, criticizing “cancel culture”, and calling for Dr. Anthony Fauci to be fired over his handling of the pandemic.

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Straw polls for the Pennsylvania Senate seat have found Oz falling far behind his fellow GOP primary contenders despite spending over $5 million on TV ads. Now, it appears reality is catching up to him. Radar Online reports that Oz has begun to plot his return to television in anticipation of his Senate loss.

“He is only 61-years-old and isn’t ready to retire if he doesn’t go to Washington DC,” sources told the site. “No one wants to admit defeat, but he isn’t a stupid man. He knows his campaign is on life support.”

“Like any good doctor, he is already looking for alternatives to keep his career alive if he doesn’t win. Fortunately for him, his appearances on Fox News and Newsmax have impressed the bosses. There is no doubt that he is a very gifted communicator on TV. Which is why there has already been talk about him becoming a primetime opinion host.”

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“We have not heard the last of Dr. Oz,” another source vowed. “Who knows, maybe he will be more powerful on primetime than sitting in the Senate. What is for sure is now politics is in his blood. There is no way he is going to return to talk about blood pressure and bowel moments [sic] when he could be talking about keeping America great again.”

The move to punditry and away from his medicine-themed talk show should also come as no surprise. Throughout its 13-season run, Oz and his show endured wide criticism over his endorsement of untested medical treatments.

In the meantime, Twitter continues to have a field day bashing Oz’s flailing campaign. Have a look at some of our favorite recent tweets…