TV personality and cardiac surgeon Dr. Mehmet Oz announced his run for U.S. Senate just three weeks ago and his campaign is already in a tailspin.

Oz, who lives in New Jersey, announced late last month that he’s running for U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania after Pat Toomey opted not to run for reelection in 2022.

Over the weekend, leaked audio of Oz speaking at a private luncheon in New York City found its way onto the internet. In it, the TV doctor can be heard making all sorts of anti-trans remarks and voicing his support for TERF author J.K. Rowling.

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LGBTQ Nation reports:

Oz went on a confusing, conflicting diatribe while claiming he had to share things about trans issues he “definitely couldn’t have said” on his daytime television show. That ranged between complaints that it’s “not fair” to only “protect one group of people” to a defense of “feminists” from “cancel culture,” such as the “very brave” anti-trans author J.K. Rowling.

“J.K. Rowling, who’s not some icon of the conservative party, said something that I think was very brave. She was a lifelong feminist, and then she’s canceled,” Oz can be heard saying. “I’ve talked to people who are canceling her, who would’ve been making a lot of money off her, and they can’t defend what they’re doing, or they don’t wanna be in trouble.”

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Shortly after the audio leaked, Oz fired off an angry tweet blasting Democrats and saying it’s time to cancel “cancel culture”, writing, “It’s time to stand up to the Left and end the cancel culture mob that is destroying our country.”

Now, the responses…

While we’re on the subject of things being canceled, last week Sony Pictures said it will end “The Dr. Oz Show” after 13 seasons next month. The show will be replaced by the spinoff series “The Good Dish,” hosted by Oz’s daughter Daphne.

CNBC reports:

The decision comes nearly two weeks after TV stations in New York City, Philadelphia and Cleveland said they would no longer broadcast the show because of the Federal Communications Commission’s equal-time rules.

Those rules allow candidates to ask for air time from TV stations that carry content, and the stations that dropped the show all are seen in parts of Pennsylvania.

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