Dr. Phil Invites Bigots On TV To Taunt Mother of Trans Teen

Auuugh! Head exploding! Fake therapist and lawsuit magnet Dr. Phil is using his made-up witch doctor talk-show to discuss with the mother of a transgendered teenager, the difficulty she’s had with watching her son become a woman. So, who does Dr. Phil have on as guests? Well, on one-side (of an artificially created dichotomy that makes it look like there’s real scientific debate about whether gender-identity is inborn or not) is psychiatrist Dr. Dan Siegel and psychotherapist Dr. Michele Angello and on the “other side of the the debate” is “family researcher Glenn Stanton and psychologist Dr. Joseph Nicolosi.”

Glenn Stanton is a shill for Focus on the Family and Dr. Joseph Nicolosi is a leading proponent of ‘ex-gay’ therapies. We hate these guys! And we hate you, Dr. Phil!

On the upside, Mom totally let’s them have it.

From the Dr. Phil website, which provides a rundown of the episode:

“Dr. Nicolosi asks, “How did the dad deal with the boy wanting to be female? When he would act feminine, how did he deal with it?”

“We just dealt with it. I tried to say, ‘No, I’m not doing this anymore,’” she says. “He dealt with it like I did. The child was adamant. This is what he wanted, and we tried to do everything unisex, as much as you could do unisex.”

“This is different than what we would do at our clinic,” Dr. Nicolosi says to Dr. Phil. “We would involve the father more. We would encourage a bonding between the father and the son. We would discourage — not to shame the child — but to discourage the feminine interests, really build up his boy identity, make him feel good as a boy, and get Mother out of her over-enmeshment with the boy.”

“My son I was not close to at all, my second son,” she argues. “As a matter of fact, that’s how my fiancé became so close to him, because I wasn’t close to him, I wasn’t enmeshed with him. So, I really think your theory sucks.”

And later:

“Dr. Phil notices his guest’s demeanor. “Toni, you’re very upset with what these guys are saying,” he says, indicating Glenn and Dr. Nicolosi.

“Mm-hm,” she says, “because they’re the reason I have to worry every day my child walks out the door. They’re the reason I have to wonder what’s going to happen to her, that people don’t accept, people don’t understand.”

Toni addresses the two men. “You’re showing something that is wrong. You are wrong,” she says strongly. “Do you have a transgendered child?” she asks Dr. Nicolosi.

“I’m providing a therapy — ” he begins.

“Do you have a transgendered child?” she repeats, louder.

“Does that exclude me from the conversation?” he asks.

“No, but I’m asking you a question. Do you have a transgendered child?”

“How does that make it relevant to the conversation?”

“Why can’t you answer the question? I can answer it,” Toni says.

“So, everyone here, everyone on the stage has to have a transgendered child to talk to you?”

Glenn says, “That can’t exclude you from the conversation.”

“Oh, my God, you guys are nuts,” Toni says in frustration. “

So, hurray for Toni for defending herself and her daughter, but boo on Dr. Phil for presenting these quacks as part of a legitimate debate. Toni hits it on the head that it’s people like Stanton and Nicolosi who make life dangerous and sad and depressing for transgendered and gay and lesbian teenagers, by permitting it to be socially acceptable to tease and taunt and try to change kids who are just being who they are. Why are we still having a debate about whether sexuality and gender-identity is a choice? Does Dr. Phil do shows where he brings on “creation sciences” experts who debate about whether the world was created in seven days or not?

Actually, I bet he totally does.

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  • michael

    good for her ,but lets remember doc phil let this air which means he realizes the conflict & it is hopefully a mid america way of bringing some of it to light
    pro & con

  • Mike

    A very great friend of mine was sent to Dr. Nicolosi by his parents. He was completely plucked out of the gay community, put through intensive reparative therapy, and towards the end set up with a young woman. Following Nicolosi’s “perscription,” they drove the two to Las Vegas and paid for a room; the assignment was that the son would have sex with the young woman. According to my friend, it was the most humiliating experience of his life. He was completely incapable of performing, and then he had to face his parents to inform them of his failure, and make the long drive home with the three people who set him up for this failure (along with Nicolosi).

    Eventually, he returned to the gay community, but because he never had the support of his family, he has placed a great emphasis on acceptance within his circle of gay friends who, as fate would have it, are quite engaged in the circuit scene. I’m not at all judging the circuit scene or the good folks who like to step outside of the real world for a moment to celebrate life there, but unfortunately it has introduced him to the numbing world of drugs, and whenn one is in pain, feeling nothing is preferrable to feeling anything at all.

    The experience that Nicolosi and his parents introduced him to has proven to be a complete failure and a dangerous social experiment. The man is a quack and should not be allowed to practice.

  • BrianZ

    Eew. Another example of the bullshit Oprah inflicts on this world. This hack wouldn’t have an national platform if it weren’t for her.

    I really do my best not to wish anyone ill, but I can honestly say I do not wish this man well.

  • kevin

    “Dr.” Phil is so straight.

  • Peter

    My parents had me talk to Dr. Nicolosi when I came out to them. He told me the same shit he told that poor girl’s mother. Interesting that he basically refused to answer her question though. I wonder if he does have a trans child. For the child’s sake, I hope not.

  • Jaroslaw

    Isn’t this the same Nicolosi whose own son is Gay (and disowned of course)? If not, there definitely is one.

  • Jaroslaw

    OOPS – it was Nicolosi, Socarides and Kaufman who founded NARTH – a homosexual “reparative” therapy group. Socarides had the Gay son.

    Anyway, some interesting info on Nicolosi: (from a Tenable Belief)- it is a report from a Gay friendly perspective on one of Nicolosi’s conferences. Very well written & balanced.


  • Hint

    There video of this yet? Would love to see it. I’m sure GLAAD will be all over this.

  • burton21

    Absolutely horrifying. You go, Mom.

  • Ed

    There’s something wrong with putting pseudo-therapy on tv. There something even worse by putting vulnerable persons under the command of a tv “personality” who claims to be a doctor, to which he is not.

    He must have a very charming and hypnotic presence in person or Oprah must be secretly incredibly insecure because it’s a real mystery to me why this man was on tv in the first place.

    Good for the mother for standing her ground and hopefully this will chip away more at this hack’s “legitimacy”.

  • dgz

    while i can’t really stand dr. phil, and i honestly think oprah is way overrated, i really don’t mind that this was on. seriously, this isn’t going to make phil’s audience any worse, but there’s an outside chance someone will be made better… you never know.

  • petted

    Maybe he brought them on so the Mom could bash them and by rejecting those right wing nut jobs she could face her own internal doubts by facing the nut jobs. Granted I’m probably giving ‘Dr.’ Phil too much credit but either way she’s standing up for her daughter.

  • sal

    u go moms!!!!!!!!!!perfectly said,u tell em!!!!!!love her

  • PearlsBeforeSwine

    This reminds me of how in the 70’s every time a radio or TV show had a gay person on, they would have an anti-gay person to provide “balance”. I remember reading a comment at the time that said a comparable situation would be if every time the media had on the Prime Minister or Israel they also had a representative of the Nazi Party.

    But what do you expect from “Doctor” Phil?

  • thats_so_queer

    Oh damn this editor sucks!! if he had bothered like i did to read all the related link on dr. Phil’s site he might have noticed that dr. Phil also did a one on one with dr Siegel, a courtesy he didn’t extend to those on the other side of the debate at the end of which he mentions having arranged for a thirteen year old to go through the evaluation process needed to recieve reassignment therapy. I’d appreciate the editor dropping ‘we’ from all his posts as a means to validate his deluded conclusions.. ‘we’ know that ‘we’ only refers to him and his ego.. or maybe him and his member since most of the featured cintent seems to morning goods these days.. oh well guess us gay folk just think with our… you know… and that real stories are wasted on us…

  • thats_so_queer

    correction: since most of the featured content seems to be morning goods…

  • Darth Paul

    @Ed: He’s popular because he’s a loud, patriarchal redneck that says what most of America wants to hear, not because he’s correct or any good.

    While I’m glad the mom spoke up, she’s kind of a jackass to take her dilemma to this sh!theel’s stage in the first place. She’s clearly afflicted with the exhibitionism we value so much with our ‘reality’ programming, talk shows, megachurch broadcasts, etc.

  • GlindaG

    Why does it surprise anyone that pseudotherapist “Dr” Phil would provide a public forum for other pseudotherapists to promote their nonsense?

    But why did Toni agree to be put through this ringer? Did she not know what “Dr” Phil is all about? Surely the word is out on “Dr” Phil’s attitude towards the transgendered, etc. He has a horrible track record in that regard.

  • Natalie Murray

    Two words: Ken Zucker.

  • Rupunzel

    Two More words: Paul McHugh

  • JoAnna

    OMG Phil is a disgrace and in no better than guys like Bernie Madoff when it comes to honesty and fairness

  • Jenna

    I watched the whole show yesterday and was blown away by the “quackiness” of Nicolosi and Stanton. How can these fools be taken seriously by so many people?

    And as for Toni the Mom, I can understand why people would question why she would go on Dr. Phil. But in her defense, she said a couple of times that she was disappointed in how the format had changed from what she originally agreed to. That she thought she was coming to discuss the difficulty she and her family we going through, while still supporting her transitioning daughter.

    I hate sensational and shock tv as much as the next person, but anytime a supportive family member of trans person can get some air time is a step forward in my book.

  • Jacq

    Call me naive here, but I had no idea such “therapy” even existed. This is totally shocking. I can’t believe parents would actually think that they could put their child into therapy and ‘make them straight’? What a crock! Whatever happened to parents who supported their children no matter what? My family has been nothing but supportive of me. Then again, they aren’t exactly “BIBLE BEATERS” either. Ever wonder how so-called “Christians” go completely against what they’re supposed to believe? They’re supposed to accept and love EVERYONE, especially those who are different from themselves. Instead they act like Nazis and want to cast out those who are different or ‘undesirable’ in their definition. The only commandment to ever live by is “LOVE THY NEIGHBOR.”

    Thanks for posting this. The best weapon we have against ignorance is education.

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