It's not Britney, bitch.

How this drag queen handles Britney Spears’ “Toxic” has to be seen to be believed

It’s not Britney, bitch.

You may think that you’re jaded; that you’ve grown weary of Britney Spears impersonations; hell, you’re tired of Britney Spears, period; in fact, Britney herself is tired; everything is tired.

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But then Jenny Spears pirouettes into your life and you suddenly realize your heart has been closed for so, so long. Food tastes better. The birds chirp on key. Dogs primly gallop up on the street to lick your hand. And the children do smile and play.

To celebrate Britney’s Asian tour, this Jenny Spears decided to unleash her own take on the video to the world — and let’s just say, she sells it. 

Oh, and it’s loud.


h/t: Attitude