When drag queens say there’s no drama, there’s almost certainly no drama

This weekend, a militia of drag queens descended upon Saturday Night Live to dance along to Katy Perry’s performance of new single “Swish Swish.”

But the number that really got people talking was “Bon Appétit,” especially after rumors began circulating that rap group Migos (who lent their vocals to the track) refused to perform with any drag queens during their number.

It wasn’t hard to believe in the wake of comments the group recently gave Rolling Stone, calling support for openly gay rapper iLoveMakonnen “fucked up” and “not right.” 

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Nevertheless, the rumors are unfounded, if many of the participating drag queens are to be believed.

Many who performed are now taking to social media to shut down the rumors once and for all.

You can read statements by Alotta McGriddles, Scarlet Envy, and Jesse Havea below. 

Ok. This is all I have to say about SNL, I know there is some stuff swirling around the interwebs and honestly how dare…

Posted by Alotta McGriddles on Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Like some of the other girls on SNL last weekend with KP, I've been contacted by many reporters asking questions that…

Posted by Scarlet Envy on Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Y'all! There is no drama with Migos. I was the only drag queen in the damn number. I don't know why this is a thing.

Posted by Jesse Havea on Tuesday, May 23, 2017