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Drag Race queen Tayce honors sister Cherry Valentine with moving tribute performance

The queer community was shocked this week by the suddenly passing of beloved UK drag queen Cherry Valentine, and few moreso than her close Drag Race UK sister Tayce.

The Queerpiphany star publicly shared in mourning and celebrating Valentine’s life on the day of her passing, posting moment after captured moment of the two hanging out and performing together. Now, she’s performing on her own, but clearly with her friend still in her heart.

Tayce used the closing number of the final show in the her recent country-wide “Assassination Tour” to honor the late queen and their time together.

She performed a rendition of “Memory” from Cats, the song that the pair emotionally lipsynced to against one another on Drag Race UK.

The performance is enrapturing:

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This is just the latest in a line of heartfelt tributes to the late performer.

After the sudden news of her passing on Sunday, fellow queens and admirers across the world shared their condolences and memories of her.

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Valentine was a proud Traveller and spoke openly about her culture during and beyond her time on Drag Race.

She was also a registered nurse, and took time away from drag in 2020 to help deal with the fallout from the COVID pandemic.

Her life was immortalized not only in her performances, but in a BBC3 documentary on her life entitled Gypsy Queen And Proud.

Relive the original “Memory” performance with Tayce and Valentine in all its glory:

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