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‘Drag Race’ queens reveal shocking stories when tucking goes wrong: “It looked like a horror movie down there”

Image Credit: ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race,’ World Of Wonder

Drag is famously not a contact sport, but that hasn’t stopped multiple queens from sustaining injuries while competing for the crown on RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Eureka’s knee injury led to an emotional goodbye, UK frontrunner Victoria Scone tore a ligament during a lip sync, and Kornbread’s ankle capped her Drag Race journey early—just to name a few.

And now Season 9 and All Stars 4 and 7‘s Trinity The Tuck is opening up some bodily trauma she endured during filming—and it might just be the most horrific Drag Race injury of all.

This week, Trinity filled in for Bob The Drag Queen on the Sibling Rivalry podcast, co-hosting alongside her fellow “twinner” Monét X Change, and she went into gruesome detail describing the shocking toll tucking took on her privates.

Trinity, of course, is known for her tuck—it’s in her name after all—and the queen even gave a tutorial on how to do so properly in her standout variety show performance in the All Stars 4 premiere.

But not even the queen of tucking is impervious to tucking related injuries.

“We filmed for so many hours on the runway and I did so many naked looks,” she says of her original season, “my penis was taped so long every day, I started to get black welts.” Oh my god, girl—ouch!!!

Despite how painful it surely was, Trinity pressed on. It was, after all, the same season Eureka was sent home to take care of her injury, so she was determined not to follow suit. Plus, she wasn’t convinced is wasn’t a sexually transmitted infection.

“I thought that I had an STD the whole time I was filming. This is right around the time that Eureka gets eliminated for an injury. I’m like, ‘B*tch, I’m not telling them that my dick is falling off—I am keeping this to myself.”

So she did just that, silently coping with the discomfort, tuck after tuck, all the way through to the season finale, where she eventually landed in third place along Shea Couleé.

It wasn’t until afterwards, once Trinity made it back home to Florida, that she did anything about it—but by that point, she claims “It looked like a horror movie down there.”

To her surprise (and relief) the garish, painful welts and bruising weren’t related to an STD at all; they were related to her duct tape allergy. Who knew!

Since then, Trinity maintains she’s a vinyl tape—also known as boat tape—girl all the way, which has a nice stretch to it and isn’t quite so… constricting.

Gooped and gagged by Trinity’s horror story, Monét shared her own experiences with tucking, which she avoids at all costs. She says she did try it once on Drag Race, for a dark and sexy look on Season 10’s “Glitterific” runway, but that led to a wardrobe malfunction that had to be censored by VH1.

“It was really rough. I taped myself and I thought it was going well,” Monét shares. “Then, as I was waiting to walk down the runway, I’m sweating. As I was walking, the tape was just unsticking. That’s why they had to blur my runway on season 10, because my d*ck and the tape was fully out. Embarrassing. I can’t watch it.”

You probably wouldn’t have known it when you were watching through the season originally—the blurring itself almost looks like part of the sheer fabric she’s wearing—but she definitely became untucked while strutting her stuff. (Monét’s runway starts at 0:33 in the below clip.)

So, what’s the moral of the story here?