Drew Barrymore Marches with, Addresses Prop. 8 Protesters

Starting at Sunset Junction in Silver Lake at 6pm and arriving eight and a half hours later in West Hollywood at around 2:30am, the Los Angeles Prop 8. protest ended with a sit-in the middle of the street. Throughout the night, groups would join the protest as it made its way through Hollywood and environs. While passing through the Sunset Strip, the rally picked up everyone’s favorite angel, Drew Barrymore–and paparazzi– who marched with the approximately 3000 swing shift protesters. As the exhausted but defiant crowd occupied the intersection of San Vicente and Santa Monica, Drew took to the microphone, tearfully telling the assembled crowd, “I will fight with you!”

Earlier in the night, the protest swelled to 15,000 people. It’s the fourth continuous day of protests since Prop 8. was passed, outlawing gay marriage in California. Further protests are planned for tomorrow and the foreseeable future.

Also– Hey folks, I’m Japhy Grant, your new editor. Howdy! I’m exhausted. More Drew love after the jump.

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  • Jordan

    OMG, I was there! LiveBlogged the whole thing – twitter.com/pandemicsoul. So glad you posted this and made it all the way with us!!

  • Wayne

    Good for Drew! And I’m sure someone has already posted this, but there is a National Protest Day being organized for Sat. Nov. 15


  • mark

    Drew THANK YOU.

    Other celebs, now the LGBT community could use your endorsements as friends. UTAH needs to PAY and PAY DEARLY for the hateful initiative that the LDS Church masterminded and funded beyond all measure.
    Gays/Lesbians have been fighting for nearly 40 years for our right to be treated as EQUALS. If some bigotted pack of Religious SOBS think they get to sh*t on our most SACRED possesions our FAMILIES, and they won’t face a laser-like focus of BLOWBACK, then they don’t know gay folks.
    Marriott Hotel we will bankrupt you and buy you out 10 cents on the dollar…we invented adding insult to injury.
    Utah residents your tourism just CRATERED
    Utah residents your GDP just CRATERED
    We will be the force which turns your State against the hate being spewed by LDS.
    Mormons keep your missionaries in other Countries, they aren’t welcome knocking on doors in AMERICA, and unlike Mormons, I care if these young missionaries get hurt, Mormons don’t care who the F*CK they hurt, and they will obviously spend 22 Million to hurt as many queers as they can.
    Mormons HOW many sick and underfed children worldwide could you have helped with 22 Million?
    And you call yourselves Christians

  • REBELComx

    I’m really happy to see Drew joining the cause. But maybe the protest should have STARTED in West Hollywood and gone elsewhere. Why are we protesting in our own base camp? Shouldn’t it have been in a more mainstream area? Cross some boundries, people! One of the reasons we LOST to Prop 8 is because we didn’t extend our reach beyond where we are so familiar and comfortable.
    “This is a revolution, damnit. We’re going to have to offend SOMEBODY!”

  • Miles

    @mark: I wonder if it would be possible to put a proposition on the ballot stripping Mormons of their right to marry? Just to make a point.

  • Alexa

    Oh no, they should still be able to get married, just not to other Mormons. After all, that’s what they tell us, right? They haven’t taken away our right to marry, we just can’t marry the people we actually love.

  • Phoenix (Who Blames The Other Fundie Assholes As Much As The Morons, not the Pale One)

    @ MARK,

    Don’t forget the other religious bigots out there. The Morons are fundies but they are a minority (like non-whites, I’m looking at you Churchhill-y, Mensar) but they are not the only ones. Anglicans and Catholics have been pushing their extremist beliefs on the country for years. They shouldn’t get a free pass. It’s time to remind all the Jeebus Freaks (and the Jewish & Muslim extremists too) that the 1st Amendment is should “Keep Government Out Of Religion, AND RELIGION OUT OF GOVERNMENT!

  • faghag

    I’m from the uk and would like to support your plight, where can I donate? and will my donation be accepted if I’m not a US citizen.
    Please keep fighting, all is not lost you can overturn this.

  • Wade Young

    I loved Drew Barrymore before but now I must come up with an even bigger word for the adoration I have for her. Perhaps her name is my new verb….i will start telling my partner and other family members “I Drew you…”.

  • Mark L.

    Shouldn’t this stuff have happened before the vote? Maybe then we wouldn’t be caught between a watermelon and a hard place.

  • Paul Raposo

    Welcome to Queerty, Japhy!

    A great first post here 8^)

  • Andrew

    Nice to see you, Drew! Perhaps you’ll encouarge the rest of Hollywood to march with us, since it is our community who does their hair/chooses what they wear/stands in line for their chai lattes…

  • John K.


    I was thinking the same thing! Bring 10,000 people(!!) to the small towns! Block THEIR streets. The only way to make these people reconsier is to actually have there be consequences to their anti-gay votes. When they realize they gain nothing and lose a lot with an anti-gay vote, they’ll stop voting anti-gay. People are selfish like that.

  • farmer ted

    Queers unite!! Keep marching and pissing people off. I’m sure that will “magically” reverse Proposition 8.

  • Graham Kolbeins

    OMGGG JAPHY!!! I have to admit I was seriously let down when Andrew left, and thought no one could take his place… but I think you’ll do just fine :)

  • miley crisis

    Yay Drew!! We need more celebs to COME OUT AND SUPPORT us!!! Where are the Divas??? I mean come on…Madonna, Cher, Tina, Chaka, Whitney, etc…you have made MILLIONS off the gay community, so NOW is the time to come out and show your face!

    And yay Japhy!!! Looking forward to your new direction.

  • closet123

    Big news guys. I’m not sure if you paid any attention to the post about this above, but we’re having a national protest on the 15th of November.

    That’s right. A NATIONAL PROTEST.


    Go and become a part of this NOW! We have to use this opportunity make our voices heard.

  • Brandylion

    Rebelcomx, John K.:

    This march started in Silver Lake and then wound throughout town, through a major not-quite-as-gay-friendly neighborhood (East Hollywood) and then down a strip of straight clubs (Hollywood / Vine Area) before finally ending in west Hollywood, where it ended. They are not just protesting in West Hollywood by any means, and having been one of the protesters myself, I was very happy that we weren’t just in West Hollywood again.

  • mama

    japhy rules! I knew him a little bit when he lived in NYC
    he’s gonna rock it!

  • Johnny

    To further preserve traditional marriage in California, there is the development of a new constitutional amendment to ban Mormon marriage during the next election cycle. Mormon marriage is a serious affront to traditional values and God’s plan for man. 1) Most Californians view the Mormon church as a cult; 2) Children are being taught that Mormon marriage is equal to Christian marriage, yet Mormonism has only existed for 150 years; 3) Mormons engaged in polygamy and even defied the United States government’s attempts to stop such behavior; 4) The United States is a Christian nation, and Mormonism is antithetical to Christian values (the 1st Amendment’s Freedom of Religion was designed for Christian religions only); 5) The Mormon church has unfairly used its power and money to influence Californian politics, yet it continues to pay no taxes based on its nonprofit status; 6) The marriage ceremonies are secretive and ban non-Mormon participants from attending. For these and many other reasons, support of this constitutional ban will help to preserve traditional marriage values that have lasted for over 3000 years, but the Mormon Church continues to desecrate.

    In California this coming year, you will have the chance to add your name to make sure this proposition qualifies for the ballet box in 2010. Please inform your friends and neighbors about this initiative. All contributions and support will help to make sure true values are preserved in law.

  • Michael

    I do not understand why we are focusing all of our energy towards the Mormons, granted they spent the majority of time, money and effort into Prop 8’s passing, but they also voted Republican and in a state that voted Democratic, overwhelmingly, I might add, shouldn’t we be focusing our attention on the ones who voted Democratic, yet voted for Prop 8?

  • ask ena

    I’m so mad at me and you and us.



  • conrad

    this is depressing… to bad queers dont riot for health care, a cure to aids, affordable housing, etc etc etc.

  • Dave

    I would also like to say please Don’t forget the same but worse happened in Florida as well we lost any hope for civil unions, Domestic partnerships or Marriage so keep us in your thoughts. I know for me and my partner we are still numb see we thought since the proposition process was made harder in 2006 60% or more it passed with 62% would prevent it but we sure got showed and the sad part was a lot of Democrats voted for it so something is wrong and its in the party I support. I new the right and evagelicals would vote for it but did’nt expect Democrats would so now its time to see if this party is where we belong. And the silence from the leaders of the Democratic Party speaks volumes!

  • reversion

    @ask ena:

    because even these gays are americans, and in america you don’t care enough until it’s too late.

  • Jordan

    Easy folks. Let’s be fair, here. It’s not that “no one cared,” it’s that for the most part, two things happened:

    1. Most people were more focused on getting Barack Obama elected. Major resources and efforts went into that, over any local elections.

    2. Most people didn’t /really/ believe it would pass, considering how liberal CA is.

  • reversion


    americans are complacent about many things, and that includes its gays

  • The Gay Numbers

    The focus must be on using the same techniques that Obama just used to organize a grassroot state wide force to address the issue of California. Protests are great. But all that pent up energy must be focused on a goal. People will eventually get tired of marching, and start asking- what’s next? I hope the organizers have a what next planned out. With this level of effort, this can be overturned in 2010.

  • fredo777

    Totally off-topic + shallow, but Japhy is cute.


  • Nelson

    I was there with those people behined drew berrymore

    but we had to drop off people ..awww man

  • psy

    @closet123: Exactly the sort of thing I was looking for. Thanks!

  • Rafael

    Welcome Japhy!

    Go Drew! :)

    I wish I could be there for the protests but alas…..a whole hemisphere separates us….

  • The Gay Numbers

    With the way the GOP is going it looks like they are choosing to move further right. I mean as a progressive that make sme happy, but thats got to be the just this side of totally retarded. They made this election about accepting or rejecting extreme conservatism, and they lose big time. Even with the gay marriage issue, let’s be honest here- its not decades, it’s years off from our side winning. I don’t get it. Is this like when the Democrats were in denial in the 80s or something, but in reverse?

  • The Gay Numbers

    Great article Fredo. Hopefully someone is listneing. I know there was an yout group started by the guy who starred in Noah’s Arc.

  • fredo777


    Which guy from Noah’s Arc? Darryl Stephens?

    Or Wilson Cruz? I saw him in a movie called Coffee Date (I think). It was a decent romantic comedy.

  • The Gay Numbers

    Actually both


    I found out about it on Towleroad. Despite the trolls and the sometime crappy half ass reporting its still a litlte bit better in quality than queerty , imo, just because they do try to actually take a side rather than the sometimes need for faux equivalence here.

    then again this site may get better now that they have some moderation process to prevent every conversation to degrading into a racist ape throwing poo fest such as what we would see from Churchill. In fact I am surprised I haven’t seen much of him.

  • The Gay Numbers

    And oh, I kind wasn’t a fan of either Noah’s Arc or Coffee Date. I find most gay stuff well boring because it hasn’t progressed to telling an actual story. There are starting to be notable exceptions. Certainly loved Shelter, and older movies like Beautiful Thing and My Beautiful Laundrette. And of course I love the gay characters on Six Feet Under. But I think its because I am creative, and thus my standards are really , really high. I want to see them go beyond gay being the story to gay being a factor in the story.

  • fredo777


    I’m sure Church’ll be around here sometime in the future. Sadly.

    Ah, I really dug Coffee Date. Not that it was Oscar-worthy, but I liked some of the jokes in it.

    One of my favorite gay romantic comedies was All Over The Guy. Mostly because it felt like any other romantic comedy, just with gay characters.

  • The Gay Numbers

    I have a deep personal hate of romantic comedies. I think Kate Hudson should be left on a unpopulated Island somewhere with the rest of the romantic comedic acting pool. They should be forced to watch their movies and contemplate how many brain cells I have lost watching their stuff just so I can know what not to do. But that’s just me. I am bitter.

  • The Gay Numbers

    Oh, I think if he does show up he will have to go back underground with the racist stuff. I think people kept talking to him so that motivated him to be even more crazy on the surface. The kind of stuff that he probably hides in real life. Here, with the slight moderation if he wants to be heard he will moderate himself or be ignored.

  • fredo777


    tsk tsk

    I enjoy a good rom-com from time to time.

  • mark

    Utah residents are going to get a 40 Million dollar teaching moment, just like Colorado in the 90’s, and with forclosures going over 2000% in Provo, and up 56% in Salt Lake City, and their economy is heavily dependant on construction it is going to be a VERY painful lesson this winter.
    Skiers reward Colorado going BLUE, spend your tourist dollars with FRIENDS.

  • fredo777

    Why not just go to Connecticut?

    They’ve got gay marriage there.

  • fredo777

    * to visit, I mean.

  • michael

    I say that we should call these religions on there hypocrisy. We should get amendments on the ballot that cover other areas of “sin” as noted in the Bible. We should ask for the death penalty for adulterers, by stoning of course. We should propose that all children born out of wedlock be taken by the state to be placed in the homes of married couples. We should ban divorce. Sanction that all marriages take place in a house of worship. Make circumcision mandatory for all males, you get my drift and I am serious. If they want religion to dictate the lives of everyone then let it! If they did not vote for these things and spend the same money on advertising and work as diligently to see them passed they would then be shown as the hypocrites that they are. Lets get this shit on the ballot in California and show them just how far this sort of evil can go!

  • Sara

    @mark: I am just as angry that this proposition past, but targeting Utah or the Mormons singularly is scapegoating and I will not be a part of it. I agree that the fight needs to continue, but targeting a single church or a single state when clearly others were involved is wrong. Protest, boycott, but not just Utah and Mormons. Go to the Secretary of States website and get all the donors info.

  • The Gay Numbers


    Mormons are an organized religion. They are being targetted because they have a leadership structure that promoted this. You are playing lets play pretend here, and no one is buying your online surrogacy.

    As for Utah, since the state is run by the Mormon Church, an open secret, that’s why it also is being targetted. Again, no one is buying the “we were not involved’ act. The numbers regarding the Mormom church are a matter of public record.

  • Justin Hesketh

    Where is Oprah?

  • ManH8ingfags

    DOWN WITH FAGS>>>> HOMOS HAVE 0 FAMILY RIGHTS since fags create 0 families…….. When you retartds can procreate maybe we can talk, until then get back in ur closet and enjoy your disease infested commmunity/life..

  • Jose...

    Stop whining.. so you were defeated, deal with it. Stop being gay. :-)

  • David D.

    I am a straight, christian from the South and I wanted to let you know that me and all my friends are supporting the boycott of Utah (canceled a trip to Park City yesterday). These people are NOT Christians and do not represent us. Christ gave us one command, love thy neighbor as thy self. I can’t fully understand what you are going through but I support you and your rights in a free country. God bless you all and best of luck in your fight!

    Just know there are many of us who are not gay but we stand with you and will fight for your rights side-by-side.

  • Guairdean

    This isn’t original, I’m not this articulate.
    Ten Reasons Why Gay Marriage Is Wrong.

    01) Being gay is not natural. Real Americans always reject unnatural things like eyeglasses, polyester, and air conditioning.

    02) Gay marriage will encourage people to be gay, in the same way that hanging around tall people will make you tall.

    03) Legalizing gay marriage will open the door to all kinds of crazy behavior. People may even wish to marry their pets because a dog has legal standing and can sign a marriage contract.

    04) Straight marriage has been around a long time and hasn’t changed at all; women are still property, blacks still can’t marry whites, and divorce is still illegal.

    05) Straight marriage will be less meaningful if gay marriage were allowed; the sanctity of Britany Spears’ 55-hour just-for-fun marriage would be destroyed.

    06) Straight marriages are valid because they produce children. Gay couples, infertile couples, and old people shouldn’t be allowed to marry because our orphanages aren’t full yet, and the world needs more children.

    07) Obviously gay parents will raise gay children, since straight parents only raise straight children.

    08) Gay marriage is not supported by religion. In a theocracy like ours, the values of one religion are imposed on the entire country. That’s why we have only one religion in America.

    09) Children can never succeed without a male and a female role model at home. That’s why we as a society expressly forbid single parents to raise children.

    10) Gay marriage will change the foundation of society; we could never adapt to new social norms. Just like we haven’t adapted to cars, the service-sector economy, or longer life spans.

  • MonsterJob

    How can a free country tell you what you can or can’t do?

  • Tom

    Seems you guys missed the boat ;). Ooops.

  • Kris

    Keep it up in California… I wish I could be there to help, but am thousands of miles away. Moving on the Internet in order to be there in any way I can.

    Go, gays, lesbians and anyone and everyone who believes in an equal society.

    There is no way in hell they are going to get away with this…

  • Joe B


    So at what point does my point of view become second to yours? In all of this “Gay rights, Gay pride” you seem to think the rest of us condone your behavior and want this to be the norm that shows up on TV during prime time, taught to our children in schools and forced upon them in their own personal beliefs. You would call someone who disagrees with your sexual orientation as biggoted. I see it as my right to choose what I do and do not condone. I for one do not condone homosexuality. I do not. It’s your opinion and what you do behind closed doors is your business, but if you’re going to ask me to vote for laws to form the basis for our national identity and “acceptable practices” for media, et.al., gay pride isn’t high on my list.

    And further, those lame comments you made re:shutting down the state. Do you really feel you are that powerful? Really, you are going to bring down a state? I don’t live there, but if I did I would make this a cause de celeb and pronounce my stand and I bet my business would thrive! Too often if someone doesn’t like what YOU (the gay/lesbian crowd) want to do, they are suddenly bigoted. It is you who are closed minded to the fact that others do not agree with that behavior and by no means what that to be considered “norm” or acceptable for our children. Your comment re: “And you call yourself a Christian” — YES, YES I DO. Christianity does not condone homosexuality. Then again as a homosexual I bet you feel disenfranchised so I’m sure you’re not up on your Christian theology.

    Instead of pushing your views on me, push for equality in law, not reform of my beliefs. By no means do I think harm or prejudice needs to be accepted by someone choosing your lifestyle, but too many times the gay and lesbian crowd is “in your face” and to be honest I want none of it. I personally am tired of this being a “big issue”. There’s other things that matter to me more, and whether you agree or not it’s the fact of life just deal with it. Maybe then you can move on with your hatred.

    – Joe

  • Joe B

    And one more thing, I am not trying to fling mud, I did get worked up by Marks overzealous labeleing of anyone against gay marriage as a bigot. I disagree. I am not against civil unions, nor do I think someone should be teased, abused, denied opportunity or the same freedoms I have because of their orientation. However when it comes to the family, my moral beliefs tell me that is not the best way to raise a child. You call them bigoted, I call them wholesome. Sorry, I don’t want you to NOT have children, but if a child is in my custody (or the custody of my state) then it is up to me (or the voters of the state) to determine what they feel is best for those kids. Utah made that choice, and you are up in arms. Hopefully you’re just referring to the 200 or so children who are now being displaced, as I *DO* think to go retroactive and displacing the family is downright wrong.

    In a nutshell, I respectfully disagree that it is bigoted to think homosexuality isn’t “okay” and the norm. Acceptable and tolerable, sure, to each their own, I too should have the same level of acceptance from you as you expect from me. That level of acceptance to not be called a bigot because I disagree or you called a name of hatred because of your sexual orientation.

    And lastly, yes I see plenty of outright bigots, especially around election time holding signs, but I think those are the vocal minority, not the voting majority. At least from my circles.

    – Joe

  • shane

    oh wow, talk about spewing hatred. LISTEN ALL IGNORANTS!!! it wasn’t UTAH that voted against prop 8 it was CALIFORNIA. It wasn’t just LDS church members, it was all varieties of CALIFORNIANS that voted to support prop 8. everyone commenting on these sites sounds soooo ridiculous because you are fighting a church that helps people worldwide everyday with volunteers and contributions, food, clothing, medical attention etc…. So sorry that people from all walks of life oppose gay marriage, i’m sure some of your neighbors even opposed it. The church donated $0 to the cause, Marriot isn’t even owned by Members of the church anymore. Oh, and I’m sure there are gay people working at Marriott right now, so that would be nice wouldn’t it, In you wrath you cause your friends to lose their jobs. Oh yeah, gay people probably work in all sorts of industries in Utah, good idea in corrupting business in Utah so that gay people lose their jobs too. Genius idea people. Listen, it wasn’t just Mormons who supported the proposition, it was people from all faiths, people of all colors and people of both sexes. So get off it, if it’s so important, put your energy towards finding a way to pass it, quit wasting time protesting it because the people that voted to support it could care less about you protests. stop your whining already, and stop your threats. If you didn’t realize, this free country which offers more than any other country was founded upon religious beliefs and just because you are demoralized and Godless doesn’t mean we have lost our morals and faith or are willing to succumb to your taunts and hatred. We have rights too, that is what happens in a democratic society, we all get to vote on what we feel is best for our society and it looks like Californians felt it would be best to define marriage as a man and woman.

  • Uncle Fatlips

    Whoever said that the No On 8 movement needs to get more grass roots and Obama-ish in its objectives is right on. I read the Huffington Post piece. And I wrote my own regarding the misdirection of the No On Prop. 8. You can’t get mad at folks for not voting against the measure if you don’t communicate with them.

    Uncle Fatlips
    Gays Bypass Man In Mirror: Blames Prop 8 Passage On Blacks Hispanics And Mormons

  • fredo777

    @shane: You ignorant douche. Your religious freedoms don’t give you the right to dictate that others must live by your own religious rules + restrictions.

    As for a democratic society, we live in a constitutional republic + the Cali Supreme Court already ruled it unconstitutional to deny gays marriage rights, which is why we had said rights in the first place until Prop 8 removed them. Also, the majority should never, ever, ever get to vote on what rights we deny the majority, particularly not based on their own chosen religious beliefs.

  • zona

    @mark: @David D.:

    Thank you…we love having more room on our slopes. You honestly think Utah is going to miss you?? ha!

  • zona

    @The Gay Numbers:

    There are over 600,000 Mormons in California…I think they did just fine by themselves.

  • your choice but don't drag a kid into it

    Well would you cut off your baby’s foot? Not having a male and female role model in the home with a loving bond handicaps your kid. The worlds tough enough why make it worse before a kid even has a chance?

    All I’m saying is be gay but don’t make a kids life more dificult because you want something.

    The cardinal rule: find happiness without negatively effecting others.

    Do you really think a kid will have a well rounded view being raised by two same sex parents? I don’t care what anyone does to themselves but I do care about what people do when kids are involved.

    Yes some parents are single, some are sluts, some on drugs and some gay. At least try not to project this confusion onto a kid. They need a chance to have a happy life. It’s only fair for them.

  • mark

    @ Shane and Joe

    My p*ssing you off is part of the blowback, and I’d say it’s WORKING.
    LGBTs have at our disposal funds to help out many of the LGBT businesses which might be hurt in UT, we did the same thing in Colorado. If you are concerned with the straight folks in UT hurt by LGBTs not buying their products or traveling to UT, then YOU FUND those straight business people, and YOU travel to UT.
    Don’t tell me or any queer where we HAVE to spend our money. WE are already funding your G*D DAMN 1000 “special Rights” heterosexual couples qualify for, that my partner is denied.
    When I die my partner doesn’t get a portion of my Social Security as a straight spouse receives. My children wouldn’t have Social Security pay for their schooling, after my death.
    WHERE the f*ck do you get off denying US the SAME benefits we fund for YOU?

  • mark

    and another thing Joe

    NOTHING in Prop 8 keeps gay content off your nightly prime time veiwing pleasure. OBVIOUSLY there is a market for gay content since it shows up on some of the highest rated shows, Ugly Betty, Brothers and Sisters, Desperate Housewives, Ellen, Oprah, the View, Rachel Maddow, Starter Wives, Cold Case, Daily Show, Colbert, Keith Olbermann…etc,etc,etc

  • fredo777

    @your choice but don’t drag a kid into it:

    Stupid argument. It’s already been proven + stated repeatedly that children in same-sex parent households are no mentally worse off than those in opposite-sex parent households. It’d be like arguing that only gay parents make gay kids, when we know that isn’t true.

    As for the handicapping thing, any kid growing up in your household is at a distinct disadvantage + will hopefully get lots of therapy + exposure to a more progressive viewpoint in the future.

  • Joe B

    Mark, you are proving my point. Everything you say is hatred and anyone with a different opinion must be a bigot.

    And who said anything about spending your money? I certainly didn’t. I’m (a fiscal) conservative, that means I’m for ME spending MY money however I like, and yes YOU spending YOUR money however you like, gay related or otherwise. Guess you ran out of rational debates.

    If you took the time to read what I took the time to write, you would see that I am not opposed to civil unions for gays. I am, as a Christian man, opposed to marriages for gays. The reasons are many, but the least not of which involves a lawsuit that might force my church to perform gay wedding ceremonies as they do for straight. My church represents my beliefs, and long before a gay wedding happens in there hell will freeze over.

    MLK knew how to change the world. You just know how to throw fuel on the fire and make it harder for your gay and lesbian brethren. Guess that’s fine for me, as it only helps my cause!



  • fredo777

    * edit: get to vote on what rights we deny the minority

  • Joe B

    Just read your second response mark, and you are right, it is already all over the TV. With that said, TV was probably not the best example, but what happens is as the “people get freedom” suddenly it’s okay to teach my kids in school it’s okay. I do not think so. It’s suddenly okay to tell my kids their “biggots” because they don’t agree with it. It’s suddenly okay for gay and lesbians to have outright displays of sexual inuendo. Pehaps they do, and I’m no prude by a long shot, and I certainly won’t go into detail of perhaps some experimentation on my part, but an individuals right to experiment and a societies decision on what is condoned, are two different things.

    Guess you still don’t see, do you? Hey, I am not a Nobel lauriet for my papers, so keep in mind there’s probably 100 better ways to say what I’ve said, but the point is the same. You and I disagree, and who’s to say YOUR right and I’M wrong? Not you. The people spoke, and I think they spoke in line with what I said. You can deal with it, let it motivate you for some change (hint: look at what MLK did, the man was brilliant!) or you can add fuel to the fire and set yourself and your peers back a decade or so. Looks like you have made your choice.

  • fredo777

    @Joe B:

    The whole lawsuit against churches argument is flimsy as all hell.

    We’re not fighting for church marriages, but civil ones that can be sanctioned by the individual churches at their own discretion. Frankly, I don’t see how it’s any of yours or your church’s business whether gays can call their unions “marriages” by law or not, seeing as there are places where gays are getting married within the U.S. + it hasn’t adversely affected your own marriage, assuming that you’re even married.

    Btw, if religious types who oppose gay marriage on the grounds that it destroys the “sanctity of marriage”, why not spend their monies + effort on making marriage (for anyone) or divorce more difficult to attain? Hmmm

  • fredo777

    * if religious types oppose gay marriage

  • Shepherd

    “Democracy is nothing more than mob rule. Whereby 51% of the population can take away the rights of the other 49%” ~ Thomas Jefferson

    Personally, I am ambivalent about gay marriage, or straight marriage or polygamist marriage, What I am not ambivalent about is rights. What the state grants one, the state must grant all. Not too long ago it was illeagal in certain parts of the south for a black man to marry a white woman… was this wrong? What if the Majority says that a black man should not marry a white woman… What if the Majority says that owning another human being is okay… provided his skin color is black?

    By my reckoning the Majority has been on the wrong side more often than not. For those who say marriage is a tradition that has only been between a man and woman for thousands of years, I say look at some other cultures, you might find that statement to be a little inacurate. For those that say we are a christian nation with christian values. I would advise you to read the Bill of Rights (pay close attention the the first amendment)

    This isn’t a matter of religion or belief, its a matter of right, and to take away rights of any group because of a something they cannot change is wrong.

  • mark

    There are already a law which states you can not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, RELIGION or disability.

    see that RELIGION, that means you can’t be sued for your religious beliefs…so no minister is going to forced to do anything against their religious beliefs….PERIOD

    LGBTs should have OUR church MCC sue the federal government that we believe in same sex marriage and DOMA violates OUR religious beliefs. Hey, if Navajos can get a pass on peyote, we should have a 50 50 chance.

  • mark

    already is a law…ooops

  • mark

    Joe what you don’t know is a LOT

    MLK supported boycotts, ever hear of Rosa Parks?
    MLK also had a close friend who organised the Poor People’s March on Washington, he was a gay quaker Bayard Rustin, who sacrificed his human rights so that his being gay wouldn’t distract from racial equality. Coretta King recognised LGBTs struggle for equality, and was a valued ally.

  • farmer ted

    Joe,@Joe B:

    Don’t bother. You’re much too rational. The queers are “inflamed” and totally out of sorts. The estrogen just floods out of their pores.

    They’ll stick to harassing polite Mormons, who they know won’t retaliate in any way. What they won’t do is go into the heart of East Oakland, or Richmond’s Iron Triangle, or Watts, or East LA to throw their petulant little fits in the faces of the people who attend Hispanic and Black churches that also supported Prop 8.

    This will all backfire on them. I’ve heard from some people who were more-or-less ambivalent towards gays and who voted no on 8. But now they’re pissed because they don’t like seeing people complain about a democratic vote…and because a few of them have got stuck in traffic due to these idiots.

    Most Americans can appreciate a good protest now and again. But not when it’s done in protest of something those same Americans cherish: their vote. And particularly when it’s carried out by people who engage in a “lifestyle” that most Americans do not condone, and when the manner of protest is akin to spoiled children who can’t have their way.

  • fredo777

    @farmer ted:

    Yeah, rationality, right.

    At least we know of one animal that’s definitely on your “farm”, Ted.

    An ass.

    As for the democratic argument, it’s called a constitutional republic for a reason. The Cali Supreme Court ruled it unconstitutional to deny gays the same legal marriage rights afforded to hets. Hence, their overturning of Prop 22.

    If you think these “spoiled children” won’t eventually get their way in Cali (as we already have in other states here + countries elsewhere) you are sadly, sadly mistaken.

    Peace out, cub scout.

  • farmer ted


    We’ll see what the Court does. Just about every opinion I’ve read and heard from legal minds say that this is not the same as the Prop. 22 issue back in May.

    Cub scout?

    I’m sure you’d like that.

  • fredo777

    @farmer ted:

    If that was a thinly-veiled attempt at calling me a pedo…failed.

    I’m attracted to men, not children.

    Which is why you’re not my type.

  • Joe B

    Mark, I am no attorney. I do not know exactly what legal ramifications could happen, and I certainly was not suggesting the law could change my religion. However, what if they say “Well, you don’t marry gays, you can’t have a church on public ground (schools, parks, etc)”. many churches have youth groups at those places and I do not think someone who’s sexual orientation is not accepted should be allowed a marriage or leadership role. Why? Because I want a certain set of morals taught to my children. I respect you have different morals, and the beauty is we’re all free to live our lives as we see fit (mostly). However, my church would look at a gay member, likely, in the same manner as a drug addict, heathen, blah blah. Hey, we say it’s not wrong and try to get better. Most gays I have met, and perhaps rightfully so, do not think there is anything wrong. Well, in my church that would be like being a drug addict, and saying “I have no desire to quit, this is the right way to be”. The whole belief system is at odds. Practice yourself, however you want, get your own form of “marriage” in your own brand of church then go ask if I think that form of “marriage” should be recognized the same as mine. Likely my answer is yes. However, the term marriage, as I see it, is between a man and a woman in Gods eyes and is a contract between a man, a woman and God. That’s just that. You can fight it, but you will get nowhere because the more you throw fuel on the fire the more people just want you to go away. I am tired of the small viewpoint demanding that I adhere to their viewpoints. Respect, sure, but to push it on me and label is at correct I will fight to oppose. You don’t like it, well I don’t like the fact that you’re trying to degrade a marriage but I’m in a good mood and you’ll fade from my thoughts as soon as I hit submit. How about you?

  • Tug

    @mark: What about the black communities? Are you going to “crater” them? You pick on the Mormons because they’re an easy target. Tst tst.:/

  • fredo777



    That’s already been addressed, repeatedly.

    The Mormon churches are being targeted because they were very instrumental in raising funds + getting their members to volunteer to help pass Prop 8.

  • Denel

    When Adam and Eve were kicked out of the Garden they were not pronounce “man and wife, you may kiss your bride”. The truth is, they were told to populate the earth with no mention of marraige.
    I am a Gay, Mormon man who has not been in support of marriage for gays.
    Being gay is a little more complicated than a drug addict because of the attitudes you and others like you exhibit. Being gay is not an drug that one simply decides to stop using. If it were, your might be more accepting. There is a choice not to act on gay behaviors which has caused many to deny a their own happiness. Often, suicide is the result of the confussion they are engulfed in by denying themselves. Perhaps that is your secret solution.
    As for the Mormon Church, I plan to resign from it, in shame, for what they have done. May family ties to the Church reach back to Brigham Young and I find their doctrine a drug I can willingly cease to use.
    Marriage for gays is a civil right no matter how you look at it. I don’t know which is worse, the few rebelling for equal rights under the Law or the many dictationg what they think the Law should be according to their religous beliefs. You must be a great Christin to be able to see through God’s eyes. And, contracts are offered by the State, not God.
    Fifty percent of hetro marriages have ended in divorce degraing the very concept of traditional marriage. Your concepts of marraiage are not what we want. 18,000 couples married in California, that is 36,000 people who want to create there own traditions, call it marriage and create family units where they did not existed before.
    I have not doubt that you are “no” lawyer, but you are “no” theologian, a questionable Christian, ignorant about sub-cultures within your own society and a very poor American when you can justify taking away the rights of any human who looks to better themselves and the ones they love.
    One day, many of the people who voted for this will have to tell a child, grandchild or other loved one that the reason you can not have the bond of marriage with the one they love because “I voted against your right to marry”.
    My thoughts of you to will fade but not because I put on bliders as you choose to use as a drug (all drug use is rooted in denial of some sort). It is because I have marches to oraganize and to attended. Your lack of vision has created the pride in a community that has been asleep and now that the beast awake and is in your face and you don’t like it. Too bad! We have become stronger not only in California but across the country. On my side this is a wonderful thing to see and expierence. At times I am overwhelmed by what your have sparked in my community. The lines that have separated within the Gay community have all but vanished because of the short sightedness of the majority. And when marriage for gays is returned the Gay community will be stronger and united for all your efforts.
    Thank You

  • Denel

    Thanks Kris for your kind thought and wishes.

    It is very exciting to expeirence the Pride of the Gay community. Not only in California, but all over the country.

    We own much to the majority for giving us the reason to unite in a way I have not known in my 40 years of being Gay.

    This will be our greatest battle and when it comes to your State, California will be there to support your cause. Make not mistake that national is the goal in a long range view.

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