If you’ve been keeping up with hair trends, you may have noticed a new style making the rounds on Instagram and other social media platforms. It’s called the Edgar haircut. While this popular style remains contentious – some people will even go so far as to call it tacky – there is no doubt that it’s an eye-grabber.

So if you’re looking for ways to wear this look, or if you’re struggling to figure out how to ask for the Edgar haircut from your barber, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we offer up 10 of the best Edgar haircuts, plus a little history lesson on the alleged origins of this cut.

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What Is An “Edgar Haircut”?

The Edgar cut is a style of hair that became popular in 2020. It’s characterized by a straight cut fringe across the forehead. But unlike the bowl cut, which is a straight cut that goes all the way around one’s entire head, the straight line of the Edgar cut begins and ends at the forehead, with the sides being tapered or faded.

You can pair the Edgar style bangs with a variety of cuts at the back, from a low fade to a taper fade. You can also choose to have your bangs high up near your hairline like a Caesar cut, smack dab in the middle of your forehead, or closer to your eyebrows like a French crop.

When it comes to styling, the Edgar haircut can be left to fall straight and flat or can be set with some matte pomade for more volume and texture.


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Where Did The Edgar Haircut Trend Come From?

We’d love to tell you the exact origins of this edgy hairstyle, but unfortunately, pinpointing when and where the cut was born and why it’s even called the “Edgar” leaves more questions than answers.

One theory is that the hairstyle is named after former American baseball player Edgar Martinez. Rumor has it that a fan stepped into a barber shop asking to have Martinez’s face shaved onto the back of his head. The barber did as he asked, but also gave him the classic Edgar cut with a high and blunt fringe and short sides. Thus, the Edgar was born.

But why that particular style? The haircut has actually been popular among Mexican-American and Latino men for some time now, and is sometimes called the “takuache haircut”. The word “takauche” literally translates to “possum”, but it’s also a slang term used to describe a certain group of people who are into dropped, low-rider trucks.

San Antonio-based writer Sarah Martinez has also theorized that the Edgar hairstyle has roots in indigenous culture. Citing a post by the “The Indian Problem”, a Facebook page that aims to educate people about indigenous culture, she writes: “Men of the Jumano tribe, which was most dominant in Texas, New Mexico, and Mexico between 1500 and 1700, wore their hair in a way almost identical to the ‘Edgar’.”


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Style Inspo: 10 Of The Best Edgar Haircuts

Okay, so let’s talk about haircut ideas. Whether you have very short hair, long hair, straight hair, or curly hair, we have options for you.

1. The Classic Edgar Haircut

Also known as the high and tight Edgar haircut or the high fade Edgar haircut, this cut consists of a thick top part that is cut straight across the forehead in the front and high faded sides. The bangs usually sit high up near the hairline and are cut blunt.

If you like clean, short haircuts, this is the one you should ask for.

2. The Mid Fade Edgar Haircut

If you want a more striking look, go for the mid-fade Edgar. This look is closer to the classic bowl cut than the classic Edgar, because instead of a high-skin fade on the sides, you get bluntly cropped sides that follow the fringe line.

If you want to stand out from the crowd, this is the way to sport Edgar hair.


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3. The Short Spiky Edgar Haircut

Like the look of spiky, choppy hair? This haircut is a lot more textured than the first two looks. It combines textured angles with the straight fringe that makes the Edgar cut distinct and a taper fade (or a bald fade) on the sides.

You can make this look “pop” even more with a bit of matte hair product like pomade or clay.


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4. The Takuache Mullet

The most common iteration of this haircut is essentially a high and tight Edgar but with long and often curly hair at the back. However, some guys will grow out a full, bushy mullet while maintaining the blunt fringe that is characteristic of the Edgar cut.

This haircut is a little harder to maintain than the others on this list, as it requires a lot of styling to make it look good.


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5. The Bald Fade Edgar

If you want an Edgar cut that requires minimal styling, go for the bald fade Edgar. The bald fade is a sleek hair cut that consists of a skin shave starting from the base of the skull all the way up to the temples. Then, the skin fade blends seamlessly into a short crop up top.

6. The Curly Edgar Haircut

If you think guys with curly hair can’t pull off Edgar cuts, think again. To achieve this look, you need to keep the sides short and neat, with a high skin fade instead of a taper fade. If you have naturally curly hair, your fringe likely won’t be cut straight, so you’d have to make sure your hair is combed forward to achieve the Edgar look.

You can also attempt a similar wavy Edgar haircut if your hair is only wavy and not full on curly.

7. The Widow’s Peak Edgar

It’s a bit more difficult to achieve the classic version of the Edgar when you’ve got a widow’s peak, but it’s not impossible either. As with the curly or wavy Edgar, you need to style your hair forward to make up for the peak. As such, most guys with widow’s peaks will maintain longer top hair so they can style it down.


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8. The Blonde Edgar

Bleached hair on guys is becoming increasingly more common these days, so why not mix the best of both worlds and cut your platinum blonde hair into an Edgar cut? Together, these two style choices will result in an edgy look that’s straight out of an avant-garde fashion show.


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9. The Shaved Lines Edgar

Wanna make a statement? With a high fade, you can turn the sides and back of your head into a blank canvas for some sick shaved line work. Most people will opt for something simple, like a couple of angular lines or a swirl. But if you wanna go big, you can also find a barber who can shave a portrait into your hair – kind of like the alleged original Edgar.


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10. The Classic Edgar Haircut With Beard

If you have a round or boyish-looking face, the Edgar haircut may make you look younger. Now, if you don’t want to be mistaken for a kid, you can opt to grow out your beard, which can make you look more mature, more masculine, and give your jaw a bit more definition.

The Bottom Line

Getting an Edgar haircut can be a great way to show your personality and style. It’s a versatile cut that can be styled in so many different ways for different types of face shapes too.

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