Effort To Stop CA Kids From Learning Gay People Exists Fails To Get On Ballot

Another effort to halt implementation of SB 48, California’s Fair Accurate Inclusive And Respectful (FAIR) Education Act, has failed to garner enough support to get on the ballot in 2014.

The Pacific Justice Institute’s Kevin Snider said supporters of the Children Learning Accurate Social Science (CLASS) Act—a move against the mandate introducing the contributions of LGBT people into the curriculum—gathered only about 446,000 of the 504,760 signatures needed.

“This campaign was a struggle to protect the children of our State,” Snider said in a statement. “While the failure to gather the necessary signatures may be a disappointment, giving up on the most vulnerable members of our society would be unforgivable.” (Somewhere in Springfield, Mrs. Lovejoy is shrieking, “Won’t somebody think of the children?!?”

The FAIR Education Act was signed into law in October and took effect in January of this year, though most California school districts have yet to incorporate it into their lesson plans.

Hmm, maybe instead of teach about gays in history class, teachers could add a lesson about the referendum process and how it’s abused by small-minded nincompoops?

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  • skeloric

    California is nearly set in place to overturn most of the nation’s homophobia.
    Proper education to eradicate homophia from taking root in a new generation.
    By July of next year they could be the largest state with equal Marriage at the state
    Maybe the case could go all ‘Roe vs. Wade’ on us and end any sort of ability to deny Equal Marriage at a federal level.
    While there is still racism entrenched in the ‘Confederate States’ even now and likely homophobia would linger on forever as well in that hellhole, the rest of the country at least will eventually no longer want anything to do with such a limited mindset.

  • Alex

    Meanwhile in Texas History Books: God spoke to George Washington and commanded him to make America. So he used his magic wand and made it so, and in doing so made all the gays and liberals disappear.

    Thank you California for upholding accurate education for our nations youth.

  • B

    Queerty didn’t quite get it right – the problem is not nincompoops per se, but nincompoops with a real budget. Gathering signatures currently costs an average of 1.85 million dollars ( ). Once on the ballot, there’s the much higher cost of advertising to get the thing passed. The real problem is not the nincompoops, but corporations using their financial clout to bypass the legislature on issues where even our corporate-influenced legislature would balk.

    Occasionally you get a well-funded group of crazies (e.g., Proposition Eight) but that tends to be an exception. The good news – the anti-gay nuts are losing public support year after year. As public support drops, so does their ability to get initiatives on the ballot and passed because a drop in public support not only raises the cost of getting an initiative on the ballot and passed (you can fool a majority of the people most of the time if you spend enough money on advertising), but it decreases the pool of people willing to contribute financially. They get the proverbial “double whammy”: increased cost to succeed and decreased funding.

  • skeloric

    What so did you expect from Texas?
    It is part of the old ‘Confederate States’ — the part of the country that keeps forcing Northern people to regret that there was a war fought to keep it.
    Because at least once week I personally see at a dozen or so things in the news that come out of that region which has me thinking, “It just was not worth it!”
    The Northern States would be a total paradise, while the remaining garbage down there in their ‘Confederacy’ would have had their nation collapse a dozen times or more since 1865 from the ruinous poverty alone.
    An insanely large amount of taxes paid here in the North go to pathetic trash Southerners who then turn around and vote AGAINST the very government aid they keep draining out of the economy.
    I wish we’d just EXPEL a few states from the Union, give them a few years to see what REAL LIFE is like.

  • Alex


    What I am saying is they are upholding my expectations. Not good expectations but they are upholding them. Not surprised at all.

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