Elderly Michigan Man Meets His Murderers On Grindr

13952760-mmmainPolice investigating the death of a Michigan man who was strangled to death in his apartment at a senior living complex have discovered the 71-year-old met his murderers on Grindr. Though foul play wasn’t suspected at first, three suspects have been arrested after using the deceased’s credit cards to buy gas.

The three men, 20-year-old Rikky Ranger, 19-year-old Mark Paling, and 19-year-old Richard Thompson (pictured) are allegedly homeless and began using the cruising app to have sex with and rob gay men in the area. Ranger reportedly met the elderly David Maurer several weeks prior and the two had “gone out a couple times.”

On November 23, Maurer can be seen on surveillance video walking to his apartment with the three assailants. Once inside, medical reports claim the men smoked marijuana and drank alcohol while Ranger and Paling had sex with Maurer. Shortly after, Thompson choked Maurer to death while his buddies stole a gun, some cash, and prescription pills. Before leaving, Maurer was kicked and punched several times in the face.

The three men were easily apprehended after using Maurer’s credit cards at a McDonald’s and BP gas station less than a block away from their temporary residence. All three were arraigned on charges of open murder on Sunday, and if convicted, will each serve life in prison.

[Photo: MLive]

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  • Jackhoffsky

    By all means, let’s bring 12-year-olds into this world.

  • MikeE

    @Jackhoffsky: What do 12-yr-olds have to do with the price of rice in China?

    The three murderers are legally adults.

  • 2eo

    What they lack in intelligence they lack in looks. They look like flayed strips of leather cobbled together by a blind thalidomide baby.

  • DistingueTraces


    He means there’s a new social app similar in form to Grindr that’s aimed at teens.

    Presumably the idea is that there will be more parental controls on that app.

  • Dakotahgeo

    @2eo: Methinks you’re being way too generous. They should have neutered and spayed the parents after these jokers were born… ye gads!

  • Bob LaBlah

    I feel sorry for the guy who was killed. These guys look like online video hit wonders in the world of bareback, creampie twink porn.

    You have to be constantly on your guard with these online people because you ARE allowing strangers whom you know NOTHING about into your home.

  • zoompietro

    I can’t imagine the difficulties of being that age seeking company and affection online, sucks that these young men exploited that. They couldn’t be happy with just robbing the poor guy? They had to kill him too? Guess they’ve solved their homeless problem, hope they’re nice and comfy in prison. Bastards.

  • amanuensis

    this is horrible, but rather than this pathetic bitchy stuff about how ugly those three guys are, isn’t it worth thinking about the fact that this never would have happened if these guys weren’t desperate? America is the land of exploitation: people get exploited by their bosses, or by people with more money than them, and lonely old men get exploited and sometimes killed by the people who lose out in this system. If the richest country on the planet took care of its homeless, this wouldn’t have happened. crime isn’t the product of random evil entering people’s minds – it’s the product of social forces. but Americans aren’t interested in understanding those forces and changing them like the Norwegians and Swedish are, they just like crude moralism and calling criminals ugly: “well they’re never getting in a porn film” – Jesus Christ

  • 2eo

    @amanuensis: Hey, I don’t believe in jesus but I’m pretty sure he would have never said “well they’re never getting in a porn film”.

  • Vanessa R. Renzi

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  • rhino79

    @amanuensis: That’s got to be one of the stupidest comments I’ve ever read. So they somehow became murderous thugs because they’re homeless? And they’re somehow absolved of their behavior because, well, they’re not evil, its “social forces” that made them that way. You have a startlingly naive view of human nature.

  • rhino79

    Oh, and note to all 70-somethings… if three 20 year-old thugs show up to your doorstep promising an exchange of sexual favors for booze and drugs, slam the door and lock it. It won’t end well!

  • Jonty Coppersmith

    So what you are saying is that this happened because these murderers are poor, unemployed and less fortunate?
    I think it happened because they are mean and evil. They exploited a lonely man who was so desperate that he invited total strangers into his home.

  • AuntieChrist

    Being someone who actually has a little street cred under her bodice. This trend of young thugs preying on older gay men is nothing new…Killing someone, that is totally f**ked up…Back in the day after my parents found out I was gay and had me locked up 1974. I found myself in San Francisco at 15 living on the streets 1975…By the mid 80s an influx of thuggish pseudo gay hustlers had invaded the streets…Beating up and rolling a trick was not uncommon and who was going to go to the police…Even gays didn’t care cause after all who gives a rats ass about some old queer and a bunch of hustlers. Right..?I’ll bet you money there are people right now thinking that the old guy got what he deserved for being so stupid…Some may even have the temerity to say it since there are no real consequences to online commentary.

  • AuntieChrist

    @the other Greg: You’re so smart…You always think of the stuff that I forget to mention…Thanks sweet pea…

  • the other Greg

    @AuntieChrist: thanks!

  • WayDifferent

    It’s peculiar but some of the profile pictures on Grindr look exactly like those mugshots. Use your best judgement.

  • DistingueTraces

    @amanuensis: I didn’t realize that poor people were a bunch of killers with no control over their own actions.

  • jimbryant

    The thing about men is that they are horny. If they feel horny, they want to get off. It has to be now, right now. This impulse towards orgasm drives much of male sexual behaviour.

    And it really doesn’t matter whether you’re a straight or gay man. You’re all men. You’re united by the same powerful and impulsive sex drive.

    The difference between men who seek sex with men and those who seek sex with women is that, in the latter case, women don’t put out for men in the same impulsive way that men put out for men. The sexual dynamic is thus quite different.

    Men who seek sex with women need to court and romance the woman before she will generally agree to sex. That or they need to pay a lot of money to have sex with a woman in a brothel.

    In the case of men who seek sex with men, one glance in a supermarket aisle could lead to a liaison in a car 5 minutes later.

  • jimbryant

    The natural promiscuity of straight men is thus curtailed by women. With gay men, there is no curtailing influence.

  • Jonty Coppersmith


    I’m just curious about something. It seems that you must get off on causing controversy, but I would really like to know if you are gay or are you just out to deride and harass gay men? I can assure you that one glance in a supermarket has never led me to a liaison 5 minutes later. In all of my 50 years I have had exactly 2 intimate partners both of whom I loved.

  • AuntieChrist

    @Jonty Coppersmith: Pay no attention to the troll behind the curtain… Dr. Joyce Brothers AKA the bastard child of Anita Bryant a has a specific diatribe that he she or it peddles about the internet not unlike a rat dropping it’s scat where ever it goes…It seeks attention and invariably someone almost always takes the bait. Oh yes, it will never answer directly any query, or if it does it will not be directed at you personally. He she or it is a hit and run type.

  • jimbryant


    That’s terrific. You obviously have moral values.

    However, men are men. Their natural default position is promiscuity. In the male-male paradigm, there is no curtailing influence in the form of women. That’s why shame serves its purpose here.

    This explains why shame towards the male-male interaction is greater than towards the female-female one.

  • seaguy

    WTF is a 71 yr old doing on Grindr to begin with?

  • AuntieChrist

    @seaguy: That’s right,grindr & hooking up is only for guys like you…Great pic btw did you think of that all by yourself..?

  • Rosie K. Jones

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  • the other Greg

    @jimbryant: I’ve suggested it before, but why don’t you just cut your testicles off and get it over with? Then you won’t need to feel ashamed anymore.

  • Kangol


    Who cares how they look, and thanks for the gratuitous slur against babies whose mothers unfortunately took thalidomide.

    These criminals deserve to rot in prison for what they did, murdering someone, however they look, however stupid they are!

  • 2eo

    @Kangol: Bless, you never did reply to my post pointing out you’re a [email protected] did you.

  • Fitz

    You know.. it’s a crappy way to die,and I’m sorry. but it’s STOOOPID for ANY of us to be using an app that tells anyone where we are and what we look like. I don’t get how so many of you are using these apps– it’s a perfect set up for the bashers. (not to mention it rules out dating or staying negative). Jeepers.. go have a damn drink and start a conversation.

  • AuntieChrist

    @Fitz: (Sarcasm) Oh Fitz..Silly wabbit tricks are for kids. I don’t want to talk to you..I jus wanna get my d**k sucked or my butt f**ked…You are just a C*CK with legs, not a human being.

  • WayDifferent

    @Fitz: Sounds like a great idea but most of our bars and other venues have “mainstreamed” in sake of the almighty $. They’re filled with straight chicks that come to “let their guard down” then the straight guys figured that out and they come to hit on them anyway. The gay bars now cater to them. You have no idea what’s what out there anymore. Some of the guys aren’t even guys. It’s a waste of time and $.

  • AuntieChrist

    @WayDifferent: I don’t know where you live honey,but in my neck of the woods a gay bar is still just that.

  • WayDifferent

    @AuntieChrist: Chicago. There are more straight suburbanite females on their prized Boystown strip on a Friday or Saturday night than gay males. The violent crime is rampant as well. There are many reasons these hook-up apps and other legit dating sites will become more prevalent in the future. I kinda liked it the way it used to be too but everything has it’s risks.

  • Fitz

    That’s on you and your community for confusing being accepting with denying our right for a space. We express ourselves to any dude that comes to our cruising bar that turns out to have a kunt. We have a right to our spot.

  • Kangol


    Never saw your post, but you’re the [email protected], and obviously think it’s cool to trash “thalidomide babies.”

    Really classy!

  • AuntieChrist

    @2eo: That was a bit harsh…Those subjected to thalidomide while in the womb experienced limb deficiencies in a way that the long limbs either were not developed or presented themselves as stumps. Other effects included: deformed eyes, hearts, alimentary, and urinary tracts, and blindness and deafness.Of the over 10.000 cases only 50% survived.

  • 2eo

    @AuntieChrist: I think you missed the point of what I said, it wasn’t a social commentary on Thalidomide, it was merely a placeholder to finish an insult.

    @Kangol: Just saying something without proof is grounds for well, you know what I do to people who slander me with no reason.

  • jimbryant

    The other greg,

    Maybe you should eat a monkey’s behind.

  • Camsean01

    @rhino79: yeah surly alarm bells would go off if three twenty something guys turned up ready to go with a 70 year old guy.

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