Ellen’s Shirtless Gardener Looks Even Better In His Underwear

Bill-“Billy”-Reilich-shirtless-underwearThere’s been much talk about Ellen’s gardener since he was brought back to her show on Wednesday.

You see the photo to the right. Do we really need to explain why?

In the clip below, Ellen brings this incredibly sculpted man on stage to break some bad news, that she’s ending her beloved recurring Classic Joke Wednesday skit.

“Nick” the gardener is on hand to lighten the mood a bit, distracting the audience from bad news with his near impossible physique.

Turns out this isn’t “Nick’s” first time on Ellen, as he is actually Billy Reilich of the comedy group “The Cream Pies”. He first sat down with Ellen back in January, when a viral video the group created caught Ellen’s attention online:

She brought them on the show to talk about the video, but discussion was obviously focused on Billy’s abs: