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Elon Musk once again reminds everyone why his trans daughter wants nothing to do with him

Thrice-divorced wealth hoarder Elon Musk took to Twitter over the weekend to prove, yet again, that he doesn’t understand anything about trans youth.

As the father of a trans daughter, one would hope he’d have educated himself at least a bit, but clearly the “pronouns suck” thinking that pushed her away is here to stay.

This latest incident started with right-wing disinformation account “American Accountability Foundation” misinterpreting a section of a Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) research day booklet.

They posted this excerpt with a misleading tweet:

Musk quickly responded to this with “Is it really true that four-year-olds are receiving hormone treatment?” For the record: Such a claim was made nowhere in the original material.

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Basic fact-checking and/or common sense would lead anyone to understand that no, hormones that aren’t present yet in children can’t be replaced. The richest person alive apparently does not possess such skills.

Thankfully, there are plenty of folks who’ve witnessed his weird, transphobic BS long enough to call it out on the spot.

Let the dunking commence:

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Misinformation surrounding healthcare for trans youth has become more and more rampant in recent years, especially when amplified by voices like Musk’s.

This genre of fake controversy is the same ammunition that led to the Boston Children’s Hospital receiving droves of bomb threats in past weeks. The hospital was specifically targeted by right-wing media forces like Tucker Carlson and “Libs of TikTok” for its gender-affirming care.

Despite how many instances arise of rhetoric like this putting children directly in harm’s way–such as, you know, threats to bomb sick children–Musk has clearly still not looked into the facts of trans healthcare.

Wherever his daughter is now, she’s undoubtedly feeling like she made the right decision.

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