Elton John’s Baby Is Pooping In A Pad Worth More Than You’ll Ever Be

With two nannies, Elton John and wife David Furnish’s newborn son Zachary is living the life in a $2 million two-bedroom, three-bathroom Sierra Towers condo in Los Angeles. And it’s just for him. Next door are his daddies, where Furnish already has to care for one screaming infant.

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  • Daez

    Seriously, what a way to say status symbol. You pay for the kid then let the nannies raise it as you sit next door. Way to go EJ. If this was a true representation of gay parenting, the right might actually have an excuse for their “logic.”

  • dvlaries

    “It isn’t giving children more that spoils them, it’s giving them more to avoid confrontation.”

    We won’t really know what kind of parents the Elton Johns make until this kid is seriously old enough to hit a genuine rebellious state. Then, if he has a criminal record, or needs repeated rehab, or is as rotund as Chaz Bono, we’ll see.

    But this kind of conspicuous excess isn’t starting off on a good foot either. What creeps me is, if he makes it, Elton will be 80 but the time this kid is old enough to graduate high school. And Elton’s fame has never been grounded in his Spartan, disciplined lifestyle.

  • andrew

    and how is this different form any other very rich parents? Gay or not?

  • Kieran

    Relax people. These living arrangements are only temporary. As soon as the kid turns five he’ll be officially shipped off to a nice British boarding school until he’s 18.


    If you want to see the horrific results of having kids when your jizz should be stamped “past expiration date”, check out the last Larry King show when he trotted out his 10 and 11 year old sons. Talk about a oh so very akward disconnect…………..

    Celebs who upon reaching fossil status suddenly feeling the need to nutrue another being should get a goldfish……….

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