Equality California Decides To Spend Prop 8 Money On Talking To Neighbors

Yesterday Equality california (EQ CA) announced that it would not try to overturn Proposition 8 at the ballot box. But surprisingly, the decision has almost nothing to do with the fact that Californians will most likely battle over the LGBT-inclusive FAIR Education Act next November nor the upcoming marriage battles brewing for Minnesota and North Carolina in 2012.

Though EQ CA Executive Director Roland Palencia says, “We share the pain, frustration and discrimination that California same-sex couples and their families experience every day because they are denied the freedom to marry,” they add, “Today, we are recommitting ourselves to doing the hard work of changing hearts and minds to be ready to change that reality should the courts fail to do their job.”

Palencia is referring to EQ CA’s newly unveiled program, “The Breakthrough Conversation” which will “include new, cutting-edge research, media tools and intensive trainings across the state to equip LGBT people and allies to talk to friends, neighbors and relatives and address concerns in a direct, honest and engaging ways.”

It seems odd that EQ CA waited so long to make this announcement, especially considering how much of their fundraising efforts since the 2008 elections has been focused on fighting against Prop 8. One also wonders where they will stand if anti-LGBT forces succeed at getting the FAIR Education Act on the November 2012 ballot—something we should know come next week.

While a year’s worth of conversations might help keep the FAIR Education Act from getting repealed in 2012, it’s doubtful whether any Californians persuaded by EQ CA’s “Breakthrough Conversation” will get to vote on Prop 8 at all, seeing as the law will likely be overturned by the court. Maybe they’re hoping they can persuade enough Californians to support a gender identity inclusive Employment Non-Discrimination Act? Or at least persuade them not to let Mormon financial influence sway their voting decisions on civil rights ever again. That’d be worth every cent.

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  • TJ

    EQ CA: Showing everyone why we lost in the first place. Thanks for nothing guys!

  • Patsy Stoned

    Fully agree TJ. I have never regretted donating money to a cause more than the cash I wasted on those morons at EQCA. I get the feeling they don’t want marriage equality in California, so they can keep the donations coming in. In 2008 they proved they are just an inept and utterly useless organization, and that continues today with this “announcement.”

  • Cam

    This was a well planned out lie on their part.

    They raised the money by lying to people and claiming it was going to be used to fight Prop 8.

    Why did they lie? Easy, fighting prop 8 is something that they can be easily judged a success or failure on. If it is overturned, they are a success, if not, they failed.

    THIS way, there is no way to judge them. They will put out a few press releases about how well their little conversations program is going, there is no way to validate it, and they will keep asking for money and not be in danger of losing their jobs.

    Why risk failure if it is so much more lucrative for them to do nothing at all?

  • WillBFair

    They’re incompetent.
    They’re spending time and money on ‘conversations’? Please.
    How about quality commercials and video that reach millions detailing our massive historical contributions. How about including liberal arguments that would skewer the religious right in three seconds?
    Bottom line, though, darlings: so long as we’re obsessed with looks over character, we have the leaders we deserve.

  • the crustybastard

    Uh…really? They just rolled onto their backs and peed on themselves? Wow.

    Donors — demand your money back.

  • Mark G

    I went to a fund raiser a couple of years ago where EQCA had a room full of prominent people and literally raised over 100K by just asking for pledges during the dinner and awards for a “regional media person.” How much money of ours have they taken in just the prop 8 fight? Is this why the Geoff Kors left? Did he know they could not sustain any kind of fight?

    If this was all they were going to do, why haven’t they been running ads about our families? Courage Campaign has complied lists and names and stories about our gay and lesbian families..why aren’t they putting those on as PSAs?

    Thanks for the 50 million is your pamphlet on how to talk to people about being gay…..

  • Jollysocks

    This is just like Sarah Palin’s “send me money to run for President even though I have no intention to run for President” scam. Except it’s worse because people’s civil rights are at stake.

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