Everything You Need To Know Those Grindr Headless Torsos

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 11.22.54 AMWhen you swipe through your gay hookup app of choice, it’s easy to forget that there are actual three dimensional human beings behind each and every little square.

Of course, guys don’t make it any easier with the prevalence of the headless torso profile. We seem to be pretty good at physically compartmentalizing our already fractured online hookup culture.

Torso is a new international film series that aims to address some of the stereotypes that exist in gay life by giving a voice, a backstory, an emotional connection to some of these headless torsos.

“From ‘seedy older guys,’ to ‘the idea of someone who has HIV’ this project challenges the judgements based on a person’s picture on sites like Grindr. It acts to remind us that there is a human behind every little ‘pic’ on these apps and that this human is having experiences just like us.”

Here’s one interview from Sydney, Australia:

TORSO: Sydney, Australia #4 from Tim Marshall on Vimeo.