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EXCLUSIVE: Ricky Martin recalls his decision to come out in ‘Behind the Music’

“RIchy Martin” – Eps#101 — Ricky Martin chronicles his journey from teen heartthrob to leading the Latin new wave into pop mainstream, and reveals how he was finally able to share his truth on Paramount+ series BEHIND THE MUSIC. Photo: MTV / Paramount+ ©2021 Paramount+, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 

Television’s ongoing music chronicle Behind the Music continues, this time centering on the gay, heartthrob pop star Ricky Martin. The new episode airs July 29 on Paramount+.

For anyone unfamiliar, Martin had a meteoric rise back in 1999 with a breakout performance of his song “Livin’ Da Vida Loca” on the Grammy Awards. He became an overnight sensation and sex symbol, with the likes of Madonna and Christina Aguilera calling to record with him. Martin looked to a bright future ahead, though questions immediately rose about his sexuality. In 1999, prevailing thought held that if a pop star or sex symbol came out as queer, it would signal the end of his career.

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In this exclusive clip from the show, Martin recalls the intense pressure to keep his personal life a total secret, and the psychological toll that secrecy–along with tabloid scrutiny–took on his mental health. He also remembers the rapture and joy when he finally came out in a blog post in 2010.

“It felt like high-fiving God,” he sighs.

Since then, we’re happy to report Martin has enjoyed further success on television, recording and as a Broadway performer.

Relive Ricky Martin’s epic story when Behind the Music returns to Paramount+ on July 29. Martin’s episode kicks off a whole new season, which will also see chronicles of Brett Michaels, New Kids on the Block, LL Cool J and Duran Duran.