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Fab.com Stops Dealing Discounted Lube

Fab.com, the gay social network that launched as Fabulis.com and dropped its lengthier name less than a year after launch, is already doing away with its Groupon competitor just weeks after launching it on Feb. 1. The social networking site championed its “Fab Deals” as a way for gays to receive group buying discounts a la services like Living Social, like receiving “$16.99 for $33.99 Worth of Lube at Boy Butter,” and “$1 for $3 of Marriage Equality.” But in an email to members today, Fab.com says it “will shortly be replacing fab deals with a new product which will feature more than just gay deals. We will be discontinuing the gay deals of the day immediately.” The site is also doing away with its homegrown currency “bits” in favor of actual dolla dolla billz. Oh, gays: so finicky.