Fabulis’ First Stab At Going Viral With This Lady Gaga Video: Fail

[flv: 650 400]

So this layperson-created music video, for Lady Gaga‘s “Monster,” began making the rounds this morning. It’s all right, but clearly not in the realm of some other Lady Gaga video remakes that debuted before Gaga made her own official videos. But it’s notable because it was created by David Fudge, the guy behind the “Party In The FIP” Miley Cyrus video, and that was pretty excellent. It’s also notable because it was produced by (for?) bank account-scandalizing, yet-to-debut social network Fabulis, which for a social network doesn’t exactly understand how the Internet works: You let people embed your videos if you want them to go viral, instead of blocking them behind some invite-only preview wall. This is Internet Marketing 101, and you failed.

The original video is here, but we made it available for you above, because its creators, fabulisly, would not.